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Hofstra Papers in Anthropology
Summer Dig in Lloyd Manor


Department of Anthropology
200 Davison Hall
Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York 11550

Each year the Hofstra University Anthropology Department chooses an outstanding paper by a student either in the department or taking an Anthropology course for the Hofstra Anthropology Paper Award. Professors recommend papers and the award is decided by a departmental committee.

2015-2016 Recipient

Anne Cracchiolo The Discourse of Productivity Among Students and Faculty At Hofstra University: A Focus on Disability

2013-2014 Recipient

Tabitha Rose The Intimacy of Applications: The Materiality of Social Dating Apps within the College Community [Volume 9, Article #1 2014] 

2012-2013 Recipient

Emily Weaver Forbidden: How Immigation Impacts Female Genital Cutting [Volume 8, Article #1]

2011-2012 Recipient

Emma Lagan Why They Belong and How They were Limited:A Study of Race and Occupation in Setauket, New York, 1850–1930 [Volume 7, Article #1]

2010-2011 Recipient

Joe Tonelli Stereotyping and Evolution [Volume 6, Article #1]

2009-2010 Recipient

Amanda Ortega The Disputed Neighborhood: Gentrification of “East Williamsburg” and Identity in the Shared Space [Volume 5, Article #1]

2007-2008 Recipient

Melissa Kroll "Knowing We Are Evolved: The Key to Being Evolved" [Volume 3, Article #1]

2006-2007 Recipient

Amanda Mowry "A Critical Look at Anime: From Akira to Princess Mononoke" [Volume 2, Article #1]

Hofstra Papers in Anthropology

Summer Dig in Lloyd Manor