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Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Familiarity with terms, practices and theoretical foundations of the disciplines.
1.1 Students will analyze work(s) of literature in one or more interpretive contexts or frameworks.
1.2 Students will use one or more theoretical approaches to literary interpretation.
1.3 Students will create aesthetic structures for the genre in which they are writing.
1.4 Students will demonstrate knowledge of the history of the book and of book publishing.
1.5 Students will demonstrate knowledge of the processes and terminology of publishing.

Goal 2: Development of the reading, analytical, and critical skills of the disciplines.
2.1 Students will analyze and interpret literature.
2.2 Students will use writing techniques constitutive of individual genres.
2.3 Students will edit, copyedit, and proofread manuscripts.

Goal 3: Ability to communicate correctly and effectively within and about the disciplines.
3.1 Students will write critically about literature, using textual evidence with proper citation.
3.2 In research papers, students will use relevant scholarship.
3.3 Students will use language for aesthetic effect.
3.4 Students will prepare a comprehensive book marketing plan.
3.5 Students will create a comprehensive book plan.