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Pre-Health (Pre-Medical) Studies, B.A. Major in, with a Concentration in either Global Studies or Geography

The B.A. major in pre-health studies with a concentration in the humanities or the social sciences prepares students for medical, dental, or veterinary school by requiring, within the context of a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences, the courses in the sciences and mathematics needed for admission to professional degree programs in the health sciences, as well as a concentration in one specific field within either the humanities or the social sciences.

Students are required to seek advisement from the University Advisers for Pre-Health Studies and from the chairperson of Global Studies and Geography. Students thinking about doing the Pre-Health concentration are advised to see the Chair of the Department as soon as possible to map out the required course work. With timely advisement, a student embarking on the pre-health concentration should, if desired, be able to complete the full major by taking 9 – 12 sh of additional classes.

The program also trains students in critical thinking and allows them to develop important oral and written communication skills. View the Bulletin for a full listing of courses and requirements.

Pre-Health Concentration - Global Studies

The concentration in Global Studies will allow students to explore the core concepts of “globalization” from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will be introduced to important elements in understanding how globalization has impacted the spread of disease vectors and the ways in which societal health issues are fundamentally tied to a study of global economic, political, and cultural processes.

For the concentration in global studies, 21 sh of course work:

1. The following three courses:

2. Select any two courses from the electives in global economics, politics and culture, as listed under the B.A. major in Global Studies.

3. Select any two courses from the regional area studies electives as defined under the B.A. major in Global Studies.

Pre-Health Concentration - Geography

The concentration in Geography will introduce students to core concepts in geography as well as the important elements in understanding how the study of disease and health issues are rooted in geographical understandings of place, space and culture. Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is also increasingly important for anyone who studies public health. For more information about the links between GIS and public health see this explanation from ESRI.

For the concentration in geography, 21 sh of course work:

1. The following three courses:

2. Select two from:

3. Select two from: