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Labor Studies at Hofstra  University

Labor Studies Programs

Why Major or Minor in Labor Studies?

After completing a Labor Studies B.A. or a minor, job-seeking graduates invariably find this training a great asset for a wide range of careers in business (particularly Human Resources), government, labor law, teaching, and labor unions. It also prepares students for graduate programs in labor and industrial relations and in related areas of business, education, law, public administration, and the social sciences.
Around the world, from the factory to the office to the Internet, today's workplace is changing rapidly. These changes are dramatically affecting not only the ways that we work, but also the basic relationships among workers, between workers and labor unions, and between labor and management. Labor Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to offer students a broad background in the multiple perspectives on and different analytical approaches to job and pay issues in an international context.

B.A. in Labor Studies

A major in Labor Studies can be completed over 33 semester hours by successfully taking six required courses and five electives.

To view all B.A. in Labor Studies requirements and elective courses click here B.A. in Labor Studies

A useful aid to choosing between the many courses that will help fulfill your B.A. requirements is Labor Studies Major Course Checklist [PDF].

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Minor in Labor Studies

A minor in Labor Studies can be achieved by completing a total of 18 semester hours - Introduction to Labor Studies (LABR 1A), nine semester hours of other Labor Studies core courses required for the major, and six semester hours of Labor Studies electives.

To view all Minor requirements in Labor Studies click here Minor in Labor Studies.

Dual Degree Program for Labor Studies BA and MBA

Take the fast track to a professional career – with big savings in time and tuition. Qualified undergraduate students may now enroll in a dual-degree program, combining their undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies (B.A.) with a Master of Business Administration. Students who are admitted to the M.B.A. portion of the dual degree program may substitute up to 14 semester hours of M.B.A.-level graduate course work for an equal number of semester hours of undergraduate course work toward the completion of their bachelor’s degree. For requirements, course offerings and a suggested course schedule to earn the two degrees in just 5 years, click here: Dual BA+MBA 5-Year Program.

Certificates in Labor Studies

Certificate in Labor Studies

The Hofstra Certificate in Labor Studies is a unique and affordable opportunity designed for adults who are not presently enrolled as full time degree-seeking Hofstra undergraduates and who would prefer to take one or two courses per semester in a focused program of study. The certificate program is administered by Hofstra’s Continuing Education and includes courses taught both off and on-campus. Some off-campus locations are local corporations, union halls and other organizational locations. 
This certificate is granted upon the successful completion of six courses (with at least two in residence). For a full list of certificate requirements and courses, and to apply, click here Certificate in Labor Studies.

Advanced Certificate in Labor Studies

For those who have already completed a labor studies certificate elsewhere, Hofstra also offers an Advanced Certificate in Labor Studies. This certificate can be earned by successful completion of four additional courses (with at least two in residence) beyond the six courses required for the Certificate in Labor Studies.

For a full list of requirements and courses, and to apply, click here Advanced Certificate in Labor Studies.