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This course is the first of just 6 courses needed to be awarded a Hofstra Certificate in Labor Studies. It is a survey of important employment issues in the U.S. economy. Through the interdisciplinary lens of Labor Studies, we explore the history of work, of working people’s diverse employment experiences, and of major changes in the labor force, compensation, occupational health and safety, work schedules, labor organizations, worker rights, and labor’s relations with management and government. The course investigates key trends in management-labor relations strategies, union organizing and operations, and collective bargaining.

Around the world, from the factory to the office to the Internet, today’s workplace is changing rapidly. These changes are dramatically affecting not only the ways that we work, but also the basic relationships among workers, between workers and labor organizations, and between employees and management. Labor Studies at Hofstra is an interdisciplinary program designed to offer students a solid background in the multiple perspectives on and analytical approaches to employment issues in an international context. In the process, students also have opportunities to acquire valuable analytic and communication skills that have become essential today for professional advancement.

Career Options
After completing a program in Labor Studies, job-seeking graduates invariably find this training a great asset for a wide range of careers in business (particularly human resources), nonprofit organizations, government, labor law, arbitration, teaching, and labor unions. The program also prepares students for graduate programs in labor and industrial relations and in related areas of business, education, law, public administration, and the social sciences.

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Labor Studies Course Offerings
H1202 Introduction to Labor Studies Get Class Info
H1210 Women in the Labor Movement Get Class Info
H1203 Labor Economics Get Class Info
H1205 Legal Rights at Work Get Class Info
H1240 Public Speaking Get Class Info
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