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NYC Pride Parade 2018

LGBTQ+ Studies: Goals and Learning Objectives

Outcome Assessment Tools

The LGBTQ+ Studies Program uses various methods to assess the performance of students and thereby instructors and the curriculum. These methods include but are not limited to periodic exams, final exams, written assignments, term papers, research papers, creative-writing projects, and class presentations.

The faculty regularly assesses the effectiveness of these goals through a cyclical examination of one or more components of the program. After careful consideration of the findings of this examination, adjustments are made to the appropriate sector of the program if needed.

Learning Goals

Learning goal #1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of social, economic, political, intellectual and cultural contributions of LGBTQ+ people of the past and present.


  1. describe the social, economic, political, intellectual or cultural contributions of one or more LGBTQ+ person
  2. analyze scholarship, literature, art, music, dance, theatre, or film created by or performed by one or more LGBTQ+ person

Learning goal #2: Students will develop an understanding of how sexual identity and gender identity combine with nationality, race and ethnicity, religion, social class, and physical ability to shape the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals.


  1. evaluate scholarship on LGBTQ+ intersectionality
  2. describe the similarities and differences among LGBTQ+ people in different cultural and historical contexts

Learning goal #3: Students will acquire a basic understanding of LGBTQ+ history and queer theory.


  1. summarize major developments in LGBTQ+ history since the 19th century
  2. appraise the thought and scholarship of one or more queer theorist(s)

Learning goal #4: Students will engage in interdisciplinary approaches to LGBTQ+ Studies.


  1. evaluate inter- or multi disciplinary scholarship on LGBTQ+ topics
  2. employ at least two different disciplinary perspectives in a paper, oral presentation, or research project on an LGBTQ+ topic

NYC Pride Parade 2018