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Mathematics Placement Exams

The mathematics placement exams are administered online through Blackboard. Students going through freshman orientation will be automatically enrolled in the Blackboard course for the exams. If you are a continuing student or a transfer student and have not taken the exam, contact the Center for University Advising (advising@hofstra.edu) to enroll in a Blackboard placement exam course. You will then be able to take it at home at your leisure.

There are two placement exams. Both are half-hour exams, and both should be taken without a calculator.

The first exam is the Basic Algebra (BA) exam. A score of 16 or higher on the BA exam or passing MATH 6A is sufficient for enrolling in MATH 50, MATH 61, or MATH 61A. If your score is less than 16, you should take MATH 6A before taking MATH 50, MATH 61, or MATH 61A.

Students who receive a score of 16 or higher on the BA exam will automatically be taken to the second exam, which is the Calculus Readiness (CR) exam. The only purpose of the second exam is to determine if the student has the background for MATH 71, our Calculus I course. If he or she is not interested in taking MATH 71, then the CR exam can be skipped. A score of 16 or higher on the CR exam or a C- or better in MATH 50 is sufficient for enrolling in MATH 71.