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Jazz Performance Requirements

Along with participation in many of the standing Jazz Ensembles (The Big Band, Little Big Band, Jazz 20 Ensemble, Jazz Combos and the Vocal Jazz Ensemble), students in the  Jazz and Commercial Music program fulfill 4 semesters of one-credit Basic (P)-level lessons on their primary instrument/voice.  Ten 55-minute lessons are required during the course of each of those semesters.  All students must take a jury at the end of the second, third and fourth semesters, which will be considered as part of their respective final grades.  There is NO jury requirement for the first semester.

The 4th semester jury must be a "double" jury in that the student must prepare content that will allow him/her to progress* to the next two semesters of three-credit C-Level private instruction (Fourteen 55-minute lessons per semester).  The 2nd semester of C-Level lessons MUST culminate in a Full (2-set) recital.  Though the Hofstra catalog designates this recital requirement as a "Junior" recital, the Jazz student (and private instructor) should treat it as a "Senior" recital requiring at least 70-75 minutes of music.  

The Jazz Recital must contain at least 7-10 minutes of a traditional "Classical" piece (or pieces) pertinent to the student’s instrument/voice and at least one original composition/song in any style (preferably something that represents THEIR musical personality and creativity).  The remainder of the recital should contain Jazz-specific repertoire that presents a diverse sampling of MANY styles (Ragtime, Dixieland, Swing, Bebop, Hard Bop, Cool, Modal, Free, Fusion, Contemporary, Neo-Classic, Latin, etc.) as advised and mentored by their private instructor.

The student non-musical responsibilities include procuring:
1) A recital Date, Time and Venue
2) Peer musicians
3) Rehearsal schedule and venues
4) Arranging to record the recital
5) Programs, Posters and Mailers
6) All equipment necessary (drums, amps, PA, mics, stands, chairs, etc.)
7) Stage crew (organized through the Music Office and/or the Associate Chair)

The Private Instructor will help the student organize his/her program regarding the repertoire AND the printing of both the Posters/Mailers and the Program.
(This can be done online through the Hofstra Portal.  The Department Associate Chair can help during this process.)

The Department does have a minimal fund for all recitalists for accompanists (especially the vocal recitals).  All Jazz recitalists should talk to the Department Chair if such funding is needed to fulfill roles that cannot be done by peer musicians.  It is strongly advised that such funds be requested as a last resort.

All prospective recitalists should contact Dr. David Lalama (E-mail or 516-463-5493) at least one year before the prospective recital date for advisement on both the musical and administrative requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Music degree with a concentration in Jazz and Commercial Music.

* A student may take more than 4 semesters of P-Level lessons if needed but the credit will not count toward the requirements.