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Program Requirements for Music Education

Individuals who pursue the Music Education program, which leads to recommendation for provisional certification, must meet the following entrance requirements. Enrollment is open to individuals showing qualities that indicate both an interest in the field and potential as a teacher candidate. Screening will entail the following procedures:

  1. Students must audition on their principal instruments and complete placement examinations in music theory and ear training.
  2. Students enroll in the Department of Music, declaring their intentions to pursue a Music Education program and a Bachelor of Science in Education degree.
  3. The candidate is assigned a faculty advisor from the Music Department for ongoing academic and professional counseling and guidance. Judgments concerning the candidate's academic performance and abilities are accumulated in reports and made available to the Music Department and the Department of Curriculum and Teaching indicating the student's ability to successfully complete the planned program.
  4. All persons enrolled in teaching programs at Hofstra must demonstrate competency in speech by securing evaluation from the Department of Speech Communication and Rhetorical Studies, usually by completing SPCM 1, Oral Communication. Any speech deficiency must be corrected prior to student teaching.
  5. At the end of the sophomore year, Music Education students must complete a PIANO PROFICIENCY EXAM and apply to the School of Education. The following grade point averages are required: music coursework 2.50, education coursework 2.75, and overall average 2.75. Students will then be assigned to one of the following categories:

    1. Accepted to continue.
    2. Accepted provisionally, meaning that the applicant may continue in the program although specific deficiencies must be eliminated.
    3. Rejected, meaning the applicant is not entitled to further courses in the School of Education and is no longer considered a candidate in the teaching program.

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