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Music Private Instruction

All students are required to take P level private instruction for, at least, their first four semesters. Beginning in the second semester, jury exams must be passed as a requirement for a grade. B.S. in Performance majors must take C and D level private instruction. B.S. in Jazz students must take C level private instruction. Other students may take C or D level private instruction, as an elective, only with the approval of both their teacher and advisor.

When registering for private instruction, please note that section numbers are used to identify specific teachers wherever more than one teacher is used to teach a particular instrument. Students and teachers must be aware of this procedure and no student may take lessons without being properly registered for the correct teacher. Teachers are not allowed to instruct students whose names do not appear on the class roster under any circumstances and questions regarding correct registration for private instruction must be reviewed with the Department Chairman within the first two weeks of any semester.

There is a fee for all levels of private instruction, which is charged in addition to the course tuition. Please review the University Bulletin's Music listings for details.

Private Teaching

Unless specifically assigned as part of an instructional program, no students may use Monroe Hall, the new Academic Building or any other University building for their own private teaching.

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