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Physics and Astronomy Programs and Courses


B.A. Major in Physics
The B.A. program is intended for students seeking careers in physics education or careers not requiring graduate study in physics, and provides extensive opportunities to take courses in the liberal arts and to pursue other minors. Students interested in K-12 education major in both physics and elementary or secondary education, and are strongly encouraged to seek advice from both departments early in their careers. The B.A. in physics is also especially appropriate for students seeking careers in law or medicine.

B.S. Major in Physics
The B.S. in Physics will provide students seeking careers requiring graduate study in physics or engineering with an in-depth study of physics appropriate to their needs.

B.S. Major in Applied Physics
The B.S in Applied Physics combines the B.S. in Physics with a focused concentration in any one of biochemistry, computer science, or engineering. As focused as many accredited engineering B.S. programs, it provides more than adequate preparation for students seeking careers requiring graduate study in physics or engineering.

Minor in Astronomy



M.S. in Medical Physics
The MS in Medical Physics provides students with a strong foundation in the basic science of Medical Physics. Partnered with intensive training in one subspecialty of Medical Physics and exposure to a second, related subspecialty the program prepares its graduates for work in specialties that they have developed passion in. Student will have access to clinical experience in mentored practicums at four different sites within the Northwell Health System.