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MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Master's in Industrial Organizational Psychology Internships

The Master's in Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program at Hofstra University has a successful, well-established internship program that provides students with experience applying principles learned in the classroom to organizations in the real-world.

We are proud to report that 100% of our second-year students have been successfully placed in Industrial Organizational Psychology internship.

Popular internship sites include:

  • E. Rogers Consulting
  • Lieberman, Inc.
  • Chadick Ellig Recruiting
  • JetBlue Airways
  • ClearVision Optical
  • Crain Communications
  • Fairway Consulting Group
  • Northwell Health
  • Data Device Corporation
  • New York Public Radio
  • …and others!

Stephanie Frobin: Industrial Organizational Psychology Internships"I got my internship through a connection through Hofstra's I/O program. Dr. Grossman helped make my search process smooth and quick. I work at ClearVision Optical in Talent Management, where my primary responsibility falls under recruitment and employee engagement. I also design the internship program, and identify training opportunities for employees. I love my internship because I have a sense of autonomy and meaningfulness, and can incorporate creativity into everything I do!"
- Stephanie Frobin

Anmol Sachdev: Industrial Organizational Psychology Internships“Hofstra’s I/O program helped me find an excellent internship at Northwell Health, which is one of the largest healthcare systems in the country. I work in the corporate office as an Organizational Development intern. My team designs various courses for Physician and High Potential Leaders, and strives to facilitate leadership trainings using various modes of learning. My favorite part about the internship is using simulations to help residents get more hands on experience. Working with a team of exceptionally brilliant and inspirational leaders helps me cherish the beauty of Industrial Organizational Psychology!”
- Anmol Sachdev

Kalie Fiorza: Industrial Organizational Psychology Internships“I'm a Learning Solutions Associate at the American Management Association (AMA). On a daily basis I do a lot of project management. I handle edits to our training content, and I work with facilitators to make sure they prepared for training. I also coordinate calls between the client and the facilitators. I help with needs analyses for every client to make sure we're delivering the appropriate training . Currently, I'm working on a global training program rollout, so my team using previously created content and translating it into 9 different languages. I’m also updating one of our training notebooks so it is reflective of the current AMA style. I love working with content that is directly applied to I/O. On a daily basis I get to see the theories we learn about put to use in an applied context.”
- Kalie Fiorza

Felicia Schiefer: Industrial Organizational Psychology Internships"I am currently interning at Lieberman Research Inc. as a Quantitative Research Intern. My primary role includes assisting on project management for market research studies, focusing primarily on the healthcare industry. At the moment, my team and I are working on a few intercept studies, where we are interviewing patients with lung and heart diseases to understand their awareness of advertisements for medications. We are also working on a few message testing and awareness/trial/usage studies for other medications, interviewing doctors and HCPs. Almost all of my projects are quantitative in nature, using online surveys to interview respondents. I love this internship because it allows me to experience research outside of an academic setting and allows me to see how market research can aid companies in ensuring their products are successful."
- Felicia Schiefer

Cory Long: Industrial Organizational Psychology Internships“I received my internship though a relationship the program has with Northwell Health. I work in the health system’s Center for Learning and Innovation, where leaders in the organization can develop the skills they need to be effective in their roles leading teams. My team is currently working to deliver a system-wide leadership program to each of our 22 hospitals. Other opportunities I partake in include leadership assessment, and training and development. What I love most about my role at Northwell Health is directly applying the theories, models, and content I learn in the classroom to my daily work.”
- Cory Long

Jose Pasqual: Industrial Organizational Psychology Internships“I am currently a Human Resources Assistant at The New York Foundling, where I originally started as a Case Planner after completing undergrad. My primary functions are to administer bilingual assessments for candidates who qualify for salary additives, facilitate new hire orientation on a bi weekly basis, and conduct audits on personnel files. Because of the exposure that The Foundling has provided me with, I have discovered that I am passionate for recruiting and the employee relations’ function of HR. It has been a rewarding experience to implement the skills that I have learned through the I/O program in a practical setting.”
- Jose Pasqual

MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology