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Goals and Learning Objectives

Ph.D. Program in Applied Organizational Psychology

Objective 1: Knowledge in Research Methods and Statistics

Competency 1a: Students will understand the necessary criteria for scientific studies and hypotheses. They will demonstrate knowledge of research design, data collection, and methodology.

Competency 1b: Students will demonstrate knowledge of descriptive, inferential, univariate, and multivariate statistics.

Competency 1c: Students will explain the principles of ethical practice and interpret their application to data collection and analysis.

Objective 2: Knowledge in Areas Related to Human Behavior in Organizations

Competency 2a: Students will identify ethical issues associated with the fair treatment of individuals in organizations and interpret how ethical principles apply to these situations with an emphasis on organizational and specifically procedural justice.

Competency 2b: Students will recognize the advantage of understanding diversity in their professional practice. Students will also be able to identify and describe diversity issues common to the field of Applied Organizational Psychology.

Objective 3: Enhanced Knowledge in Research Methods, Statistics, and in Areas Related to Human Behavior in Organizations

Competency 3a: Students will append their applied organizational knowledge (from Objectives 1 and 2) with information from multidisciplinary sources.

Objective 4: Skills in Research Methods and Statistics

Competency 4a: Students will generate hypotheses and design studies which adequately address research questions. They will interpret scientific literature and communicate its significance within the current scientific framework.

Competency 4b: Students will explain, analyze, and draw conclusions from data based on knowledge from Competency 1b.

Competency 4c: Students will ethically collect data and conduct analyses by adhering to the ethical principles of Applied Organizational psychology practice.

Objective 5: Skills in Areas Related to Human Behavior in Organizations

Competency 5a: In practice, students and graduates will conduct themselves in an ethical manner within organizations. They will treat individuals fairly in applying the principles of organizational justice to their interventions and personal interactions.

Competency 5b: Students and graduates will apply knowledge of diversity in their professional practice

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