Program Faculty

Hofstra’s faculty are not only accomplished scholars and researchers, they are also deeply committed to teaching and mentoring. Their goal is produce scholars and practitioners who are sensitive to the social, economic and political issues that are critical to a deeper understanding of crime and criminal justice.

Liena Gurevich, PhD Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology; Program Director, BA in Criminology
Margaret Abraham, PhD Professor of Sociology
Amy Baehr, PhD Professor of Philosophy
Robin Flaton, JD, PhD Associate Professor of Psychology
Paul Fritz, PhD Associate Professor of Political Science
Tammy Gales, PhD Associate Professor of Political Science
Robert Leonard, PhD Professor of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics; Program Director, Forensic Linguistics (BA and MA)
Linda Longmire, PhD Professor of Global Studies and Geography
Paul Meller, PhD Associate Professor of Psychology
Christopher Niedt, PhD Associate Professor of Applied Social Research; Academic Director, National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University
SM Rodriguez, PhD Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology
William Schaefer, JD Adjunct Professor of Political Science
Sergei Tsytsarev, PhD Professor of Psychology
Mercurio Veltri, PharmD Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Anita Zucker, MBA Adjunct Instructor of Political Science