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Sociology News and Events

Sociology Updates


The Sociology Department remains a vibrant community of scholars, mentors, and students.  Our BA programs in Criminology and Sociology continue to grow, currently with over 200 majors.  Our faculty are eminent scholars in their fields.  Here are just a few recent accomplishments:

Professor Margaret Abraham is the current president of the International Sociological Association (ISA), (http://www.isa-sociology.org). While on sabbatical, she has travelled to 17 countries to give over 23 invited addresses at conferences and meetings with faculty, students and activists at academic institutions.  Countries include Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Malta, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and UAE.  In addition to organizing the forthcoming XIX World Congress of Sociology (Toronto, Canada, July 15-21, 2018), Dr. Abraham has commenced an ISA presidential initiative of Global Mapping of Sociologists for Social Inclusion (GMSSI), which will connect sociologist from across the globe; and particularly, it will support sociologists who encounter political and economic barriers which impede their participation in global exchanges.  Dr. Abraham is a prolific scholar and one of our most sought after instructors.

Our newest scholar, Dr. S.M. Rodriguez is on the cutting edge of international research on sex, gender and sexualities with several publications already in print and an impressive record of grants and presentations. A sampling of this work includes:

  • Rodriguez, S.M. 2017. "Homophobic Nationalism: The development of sodomy legislation in Uganda." Comparative Sociology.
  • Rodriguez, S.M. 2017. "Proper Sexuality and the Resilient Nation: Imagining the Anti-Homosexuality and Anti-Pornography Bills in Uganda (2009-2014)".  Society for the Study of Social Problems, Montreal, Quebec, CA.
  • 2017 LGBTIAQQ Research Initiative Award, "Imagining African and Africa-Diaspora Centered Organizing." The National Center for Suburban Studies, Hofstra University.
  • 2017 Firestone Fellowship, "Examining College-Aged Men’s Beliefs about American Rape Culture" (advised undergraduate award for Priscilla Garcia), Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Hofstra University.

Professor Christopher Niedt is Academic Director of the National Center for Suburban Studies and continues to advance the goals of suburban sustainability, social equity, and economic development.  Besides continued rave reviews of his coauthored book, Foreclosed America (Stanford University Press), Dr. Niedt conducts a broad array of regional activities through NCSS such as assessing the foreclosure crisis on Long Island, and media interviews on gentrification in Newark, NJ.  Some of Dr. Niedt’s recent publications include:

  • Anacker, Katrin, Christopher Niedt, and Chang Kwon. 2017. "Analyzing Segregation in Mature and Developing Suburbs in the United States." Journal of Urban Affairs.
  • Niedt, Christopher and Brett Christophers. 2016. "Value at Risk in the Suburbs: Eminent Domain, Mortgage Acquisition, and the Foreclosure Crisis." International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.
  • Christophers, Brett and Christopher Niedt. 2016. "Resisting Devaluation: Foreclosure, Eminent Domain Law, and the Geographical Political Economy of Risk." Environment and Planning.

Adjunct Professor Dr. Lior Gideon is an eminent scholar and statistical methodologist in the fields of criminology, corrections, and reintegration.  A few of his recent works include:

  • Gideon, L., and Griffin, H.O. 2017. Correctional Management and the Law: A Penological Approach. Carolina Academic Press.
  • Gideon, L., and Thomas, A.L. 2017. "The rehabilitative ideal". In: Griffin, H., & Woodward, V. (Eds.), The Handbook of Corrections in the United States. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis.
  • Barnes-Ceeney, K., Gideon, L., and Leitch, L. (2017, May 17). "Reconciliation and Reintegration after Genocide: Understanding the Needs of Incarcerated Genocide Perpetrators in Rwanda." Bi-Annual Meeting of the Israeli Society of Criminology, Jerusalem, Israel.

Professor Cynthia Bogard coauthored a paper with sociology alumnus Ian Sheinheit '06, a doctoral (PhD) candidate at the University at Albany.  Their collaboration is:

  • Sheinheit, Ian and Cynthia J. Bogard. 2016 "Authenticity and Carrier Agents:  The Social Construction of Political Gaffes." Sociological Forum.