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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM Programs


This bachelor of arts degree is designed as a co-major for future elementary school teachers majoring in elementary education who wish to have a broad background in the liberal arts with a focus on STEM areas. The courses for the major are primarily those from science, math and engineering disciplinary offerings. There are two STEM designated integrative courses that students will take at the end of the program, one integrates STEM from a science or natural world perspective and the other integrates STEM from an engineering or human-made world perspective

Courses Required for Major: BIO3, BIO4, ENGG 015, TPP 19, GEOL 1, NSC 12, MATH 6A, MATH 30B, MATH 45, PHYS 4, STEM 110, STEM 120. In addition, to meeting the overall requirements for a bachelor of arts degree, the student must meet the overall requirements for a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education.

Major Requirements | Sample Program Schedule


A minor in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) consists of 18 s.h. in courses listed as required for the STEM major, including TPP 19 and ENGG 15; at least one course from MATH 30B, 45; and at least one course from BIO 3, 4; GEOL 1; NSC 12; PHYS 4; STEM 110, 120. With the permission of the program director and where appropriate, courses at a more advanced level may be substituted for those listed. At least 6 s.h. must be completed in residence. Students majoring in the HCLAS Natural Sciences/Mathematics/Computer Science Division are not eligible for this minor.

Minor Requirements