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Support for STEM Faculty

The need for success in STEM writing

As Hofstra University has expanded its commitment to science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields, the need for effective scientific writing pedagogy has increased. Writing skills are critical for success in STEM majors and workplaces seek skilled communicators.  Yet, while STEM faculty recognize the need for effective undergraduate writing instruction in their disciplines, the demands of content pedagogy, laboratory instruction, and research often leave little time for refining writing assignments and grading rubrics. 

What kind of help is available?

Help is available for faculty seeking to

  • design writing assignments, document templates, and grading rubrics
  • integrate Writing Intensive (WI) course requirements into existing or new STEM classes
  • write up their research for grant applications, publication or presentation
  • develop strategies for grading writing assignments and referring students for needed help

Depending on individual needs, such help can take the form of

  • individual or group meetings
  • departmental workshops or
  • class visits/in-class workshops

What is the goal of this support?

Ultimately, STEM faculty are the content experts for all writing projects in their classes.  Therefore, the support described above is designed to enable STEM faculty to fulfill their pedagogical goals by providing alternative models of writing instruction. For example, in-class visits are intended to help STEM faculty expand their own classroom practices rather than to replace writing instruction by experts in the discipline.  

How do I get support?

For more information, contact Dr. Lisa DeTora at: lisa.m.detora[at]hofstra.edu.  

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