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Graduate Counseling Programs

The Graduate Counseling Program

Sandra Lakotta
Senior Executive Secretary, Department of Counseling and Mental Health Professions
Hagedorn 160


Dr. Daniel Sciarra
Professor and Director of Graduate Counseling Programs
Hagedorn Hall 152
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Jeanne Byrnes
Special Assistant Professor
Hagedorn Hall 258
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Dr. Laurie Johnson
Hagedorn Hall 260
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Dr. Genevieve Weber
Assistant Professor
150 Hagedorn Hall
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Adjunct Faculty

Mrs. Doreen Cammarata

Ms. Denise Capasso

Mr. Dennis Dunn
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Dr. Dodie Gillett
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Dr. Yaritza Gomez-Nacht

Dr. Michael Lonergan
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Dr. Susan Moor
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Dr. Marilyn Rodahan

Mr. Louis Sabatini
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Dr. Joseph Scardapane
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Dr. Pamela Sigda

Mrs. Susan Sklar

Dr. Joseph Volpe
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