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Graduate Counseling Programs

Program Outcomes

  • CORE Self-Awareness, Knowledge Acquisition, and Skills

    CORE I Self-Awareness

    1. Strengthened sense of self
    2. Strengthened appreciation of the unique worth and contribution of all individuals and cultural groups
    3. Strengthened commitment to be responsive to others
    4. Commitment to advocacy and change agentry as a means of addressing systemic problems on behalf of the profession and those it serves
    5. Commitment to continued learning and professional development

    CORE II Knowledge Acquisition in

    1. Counseling theory and practice, including family systems
    2. Human development and behavior
    3. Sociocultural foundations
    4. Testing, measurement and assessment
    5. Career development theory and applications
    6. Group counseling and dynamics
    7. Ethical and legal standards of practice
    8. Contemporary issues in counseling (e.g., AIDS, crisis intervention, bereavement)

    CORE III Role and Skill Development in

    1. Counseling process (individual and group)
    2. Consultation
    3. Coordination of services and programs
    4. Career and educational planning
    5. Technological applications in counseling and guidance
    6. Individual assessment
    7. Advocacy and accountability
    8. Referral
    9. Action research methodology
    10. Multicultural competence
    11. Understanding of counselor role in school or agency
    12. Integration of attitudes, knowledge and skills in professional practice
  • Mental Health Counseling (MHC) Job Placement Rate

    88% of '16-'17 graduates are employed.

  • MHC Number of Degrees Awarded

    Spring ’17, Summer ’17, Fall ’17 (anticipated): 10

  • MHC Enrollment

    Thirty-seven students were enrolled in the program in the '16-'17 academic year.

  • MHC Completion Rate

    85% of students in the ’16-’17 academic year completed the program in 2.5 years (full-time); 15% completed the program in 3 years (part-time).

  • National Counseling Exam (NCE) Pass Rates
    Semester# of students who took the examPass Rate
    Spring 2019 12 100%