Athletic Training program

Program Description

The Athletic Training Program is a 128 credit hour program that leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training. The ATP is accredited by the CAATE, signifying it meets the standards required to prepare students for the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) Examination and a professional career as an Athletic Trainer. The most current BOC Exam Results and accreditation status for Hofstra University can be found at the CAATE website:

The program has two main components, academic course work and clinical education. New students primarily engage in academic course work during the first 2 years of enrollment (Pre-athletic Training Phase). Once students are admitted to the program (Professional Athletic Training Phase), academic course work and clinical education are completed simultaneously. Entrance into the Professional Athletic Training Phase is competitive.

The academic component includes 64 liberal arts credits, 53 athletic training didactic course credits and 11 clinical/field experience credits. The clinical education component requires 850 hours (maximum of  1025 hours) of documented experience over a minimum of 2 years. Clinical rotations occur both on the Hofstra University campus and at off-campus locations, including other colleges, high schools, physical therapy clinics, medical offices or professional sport facilities. Through a variety of clinical educational experiences students will be able to best develop and apply acquired athletic training knowledge, abilities and skills. Exposure to various health care providers and patients enables students to understand and appreciate different approaches to health care and the needs of diverse physically active populations. Athletic training student learning objectives include the understanding of content knowledge in athletic training sub-disciplines and application of disciplinary content to prevention, management, and assessment of health care problems associated with physical activity. Students will demonstrate competent athletic training skills performance and application using evidence based practice and demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in ways that demonstrate sensitivity to all.

Items Frequency Fee in $
Optional NATA Student Membership Annual $85
Atrack Software usage fee Annual $45
Student personal liability insurance policy fee Annual $16
CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certification maintenance fee Every two years $10
Uniforms/ Clothing for Clinical Experiences (collared shirt) Once $25 minimum
AT Student Toolkit / instruments Once $90 minimum
Additional Course Fee Once $90
TOTAL minimum costs $361