Master of Health Administration Alumni Association

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) Alumni Association proudly represents graduates of the Master of Health Administration program at Hofstra University as well as those students who graduated from Hofstra University with a Master of Arts in Health Administration. The mission of the MHA Alumni Association is to provide graduates with a platform for continuing the relationships established during their time in the program, as well as opportunities to remain connected and involved. The MHA Alumni Association has a goal of continually providing graduates with tools and events to further enhance their personal and professional lives.

To help keep graduates and current students of the program connected, the MHA Alumni Association intends to host networking and other events annually. We are currently collaborating with the MHA program on developing an Alumni-current student mentoring program and will provide comments and suggestions on the practical needs of the health services sector to assist the MHA program in curriculum development.

A goal of the MHA program is to provide a curriculum to its students that is up to date, relevant to the needs of the community, develops strong leadership and communication skills, and provides practical or applied lessons inside and outside of the classroom. Graduates of the MHA program are a key resource to the program in meeting this goal. We strongly encourage you to join the MHA Alumni Association to remain connected with other graduates, attend events, and help the MHA program grow.

You may join the MHA Alumni Association here and please keep your information up-to-date by contacting Stacey Bogdan at the Alumni House. Once a member, you will be added to the mailing list allowing you to receive all announcements and opportunities first.

Congratulations on your continued achievements!

Alyeah Ramjit, MS, MHA, '15
President, Master of Health Administration Alumni Association

Alyeah Ramjit

President: Alyeah E. Ramjit, MS, MHA '15

Alyeah E. Ramjit is currently an Administrative Manager for Northwell Health's MIH/Community Paramedicine Program. She previously served... | more |

Darren Deoraj

Vice President: Darren Deoraj, MHA '14

Darren Deoraj was born, raised, and is still living in Queens, New York. In 2012, he received a Bachelor of Science in... | more |

Bill Bishop

Secretary: Bill Bishop, MHA '15

Bill Bishop completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management at SUNY Cortland in 2007. He graduated from... | more |

Marybeth Neger

Treasurer: Marybeth Neger, MA

Marybeth Neger is currently a Corporate Executive for Strategic Accounts at Abbott Nutrition, a Division of Abbott Laboratories. In her role... | more |

Howard Goldberg

Historian: Howard M. Goldberg, MA '97

Howard Goldberg has more than 27 years of experience in behavioral health services, including more than 17 years of experience in... | more |

The MHA Alumni Association depends on the support of its members to achieve its mission. Donors such as yourself help to build and strengthen the association, as well as a professional network centered around the MHA program at Hofstra University. Your donation helps the MHA Alumni Association fund its activities and events. The association has also started a scholarship fund; once this fund reaches a certain dollar amount, the MHA Alumni Association will provide an annual scholarship to an outstanding MHA student. As the fund grows, additional scholarships will be provided.

You may contribute a gift by contacting Stacey Bogdan.

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