Master of Health Administration

In Focus: Suliman Alghnam, '08

Congratulations on receiving your Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin-Madison! Tell us more about your long-term professional goals and how your experience in the Hofstra University Master of Health Administration program helped shape them.

My long-term professional goal is to work in academia to teach and mentor students. I think my early experience with Dr. David Weiss in the Hofstra MHA program planted this seed. His unique teaching style made me not only a better student, but always thirsty for new knowledge and to help others. I think Hofstra helped me become more motivated to learn more about health care, and my great experience there played a major role in my decision to pursue doctoral studies.

What led you to be interested in health administration?

I was always interested in health care quality and outcomes. After working as a physical therapist for a while, I wanted to pursue areas where we can make a larger impact in improving health outcomes and quality. Health administration has a wide range of areas that provide substantial contribution to improve services provided to patients, so it made perfect sense to make this career choice.

What attracted you to Hofstra’s MHA program?

Besides being in the east cost where I wanted to be, the campus facilities and services were major reasons why I picked Hofstra. Additionally, the MHA program offers many learning opportunities within those areas, which made me feel that it was the right fit for me.

Tell us about your internship experience.

I was fortunate to do my internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. It was such an amazing experience, and it was the perfect finale for my time as a student in the MHA program. I have to acknowledge that without Hofstra’s good relationships with health care institutions, I wouldn’t have been able to do my internship at such a prestigious institution. I was able to learn about many topics and challenges in the workplace, and I hope that I made a good impression in order to continue to have good relationship with this institution for future interns.

Describe your experience working and studying with faculty within the department.

I loved studying in our campus library because it provided the perfect environment to study and was conveniently close to the food court and where I used to work. I worked during my time at Hofstra as a graduate assistant for the Dean of the School of Health Science. It was wonderful to work within our department and get close to the staff and faculty.

What advice would you give others considering the program at Hofstra?

I recommend getting more involved with fellow students and faculty members to build a strong network of health care professionals that thrive to improve our profession. Many students come to the program with different backgrounds. Together, they can learn from each other.

Suliman Alghnam

Master of Health Administration
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia