Master of Health Administration

Master of Health Administration Scholarships/Financial Aid

Scholarships for Health Administration Degrees

Financial Aid for Health Administration Degrees


All graduate applications are reviewed for merit-based scholarships by the MHA program director and are distributed on a competitive basis to eligible applicants. No additional materials are needed outside of the MHA application in order to be considered.

Continuing students may apply for additional scholarships and are alerted when this opportunity arises during the semester.

In addition, employees of hospital systems are eligible for an additional Hofstra hospital system scholarship. For more information, please contact Nicolle Tumminelli, MSED, Assistant Dean.

Financial Aid

Applicants are encouraged to speak with representatives in the Office of Student Financial Services (516-463-8000) to inquire about need-based aid and other resources to finance their degree. Matriculated students may also apply for a variety of campus jobs, which are continually updated on Hofstra's website.