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Public Health

Master of Public Health Alumni

Our alumni hold positions in health systems, government agencies, community based organizations, and higher education. A number of alumni received competitive post-masters fellowships in health policy and health administration. Several of our graduates are pursuing additional degrees in either clinical medicine or research. Our alumni are actively engaged in our program serving as mentors, internship supervisors, culminating experience preceptors and collaborators on health promotion events.

Hofstra University's Public Health Alumni Association (PHAA) has been established to build and strengthen personal and professional relationships among public health alumni and current Hofstra MPH students, faculty, public health professionals, and the community.
In addition to regularly scheduled meetings, the PHAA will work actively to establish an engaged, connected alumni network. It is PHAA's goal to promote the professional development of alumni, organize networking and mentorship programs, and plan social networking events – all in connection with the mission and vision of both Hofstra's MPH program and its graduate student organization, Society of Public Health Advocates. 
The association is led by an executive board, which consists of 5 elected MPH alumni. More details, including biographies of the board members, can be found below. 
To learn more about PHAA, please contact Stacey Bogdan, Director for Alumni Affairs.

Nuzhat Quaderi

President: Nuzhat Quaderi, MPH, CHES, Program Manager, Northwell Health Solutions

Nuzhat Quaderi is a 2014 alum of Hofstra University's Master of Public Health program and a public health enthusiast. Nuzhat's passion for health equity and community health has led her to work in roles that address health disparities and the social determinants of health among disenfranchised communities across Long Island... | more |

Samira Khan

Secretary: Samira Khan, MPH, Research Program Coordinator, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Samira Khan graduated from Hofstra's MPH program in the Winter of 2016. During her final semester, she also received her Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) certification. Prior to her studies at Hofstra University... | more |

Aditya A. Bissoonauth

Event Manager: Aditya A. Bissoonauth, MPH, CHES, Research Coordinator, Northwell Health

Aditya is an alumnus of Hofstra University's Master of Public Health program. During his time as a student, Aditya served as the Treasurer of the Society of Public Health Advocates (SOPHA) graduate student organization... | more |

Ronald Sanchez

Vice President: Ronald Sanchez, Healthcare Analyst, Healthfirst Inc.

Ronald Sanchez, a native of the Dominican Republic, raised in Queens, New York and alum of Hofstra University's Master of Public Health program. Ronald received a BA from Queens College,... | more |

Afrin Howlader

Treasurer: Afrin Howlader, MPH, CHES
Project Manager, Managed Care Programs, IPRO

Afrin Howlader is 2016 alum of Hofstra University's Master of Public Health program. During her time as a graduate student at Hofstra, Afrin had the pleasure of... | more |

Maria Akhondzadeh '14 (mentor): “As I have already completed my Master of Public Health at Hofstra, it was incredibly important for me to be able to share my experiences, both during the program and my professional career after the program, with someone who is walking through my shoes exactly a year ago! I hope that as I help Caitlin through the program, she will share new ideas and research with me so that I can keep up with the public health world. I hope that with my help and the experiences that I have, Caitlin can thrive and excel in the public health sector.”

Caitlin DeCoster '16 (mentee): I learned a lot while spending time with Maria especially in terms of how to best budget my time, what classes I need to really expect to put extra time aside for, and most importantly how the MPH program and Professor Kyriacou have helped Maria throughout here time here at Hofstra.”

Johanna Andrews '14 (mentor): “As the creator and coordinator of Hofstra University's Health Equity Symposium, I was delighted to have the assistance of the MPH students as volunteers for the Second Annual Health Equity Symposium that took place in March 2015. However, one student in particular went above and beyond the call of duty and executed each task with enthusiasm, grace, and in a timely fashion. Tracy Portelli quickly became my co-chair for the event because of all of her hard work and dedication to the Symposium. She was such a pleasure to work with and never complained when the many challenges of event implementation came our way. I had the opportunity to not only shed my insight on how to create, manage, and coordinate an event, but I was also able to share my experiences with the MPH program and how to use the skills she was developing to transition into a public health professional. I am glad that I was able to become such a profound mentor for Tracy and assist her in her professional development. We have developed an amazing relationship and I plan to continue to foster Tracy's creativity and drive in her public health career.”

Tracey Portelli '15 (mentee): “As a MPH graduate student, I had with great honor, the opportunity to work closely with Johanna Andrews, a Hofstra graduate alumna, and founder of the yearly Health Equity Symposium (HES). As a co-chair of the 2nd HES, I have been able to develop a mentor/mentee relationship with Ms. Andrews. She taught me by her exemplary conduct, as she is the perfect definition of a leader. Working with Ms. Andrews was a pleasure as she gave directions and never left me astray. She is motivating, and has such charisma that makes everyone around her feel at ease. It was inspiring to see who once was a student has now thrived into a successful woman who I aspire to be. It is an experience that I encourage every student to take advantage of because aside from developing organizational and leadership skills, it was also a lot of fun.”

Nathalie Jean-Baptiste '14 (mentor): “We shared how we both became interested in public health and what we hope to do in the future. Abdul, like I did, will be participating in a global health internship in La Romana, Dominican Republic this summer. We discussed the research process, and I shared with him what I wish I knew preparing for my internship experience. We discussed life after graduate school, and while it hasn't been that long since I was in his position, I shared how looking back I'm surprised at how much has changed. My conversations with Abdul helped me realize that although I am new to the professional field of public health, I can still mentor someone in my field.”

Abdul Quadri '15 (mentee): “I am very thankful to Nathalie, my mentor, for sharing some of her time to help me guide through this journey. The profession of Public Health is very broad and presents a wide array of opportunities; therefore, it was delightful to learn of Nathalie's experience as she went through the same journey and now is an alum of the program. Nathalie and I were able to connect on the International Internship Research Program offered by the MPH program. I was appreciative of her sharing the internship blogs detailing everything her group did and where they went, along with pictures.”

Ronald Sanchez '14 (mentor): “We formalized our relationship by sitting down and having an open dialogue about our career goals, academic interests, courses, and specific tasks for her upcoming internship. We spent hours discussing many topics, exchanging ideas, diving deep into the work, and strategizing next steps. Afrin is much more than a mentee; she is my peer and future colleague. The opportunity to serve as a mentor allows me to share my experiences and knowledge, while learning from and collaborating closely with my mentee.”

Afrin Howlader '16 (mentee): During our meeting we reviewed material for my global health internship, which was very productive. Ronald had also participated in this internship a few years ago, and learning about his experiences with data collection, community interaction and outreach truly helped me gain a well-rounded outlook on what to expect. We then spoke about different career options, his fellowship, his internships during the program, and what his goals are moving forward. The meeting drove me to explore more options in the field, and gain some great insight on the administration domain of public health. Our conversations led me to deem Ronald as a driven and inspirational role model who shares such great understanding on not only public health but also the way of thinking about the 'bigger picture' in life.”