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Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences class

The Neurocognition of Speech Lab

The Neurocognition of Speech Lab is a research facility located in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, Hofstra University. Research in the lab focuses on investigating language and cognitive changes in acquired neurological disorders (e.g., aphasia) and progressive diseases (e.g., dementia). Behavioral and objective measurements are used to assess various neurogenic disorders with treatment implications.


Research in the Neurocognition of Speech Lab focuses on assessment of acquired language and cognitive disorders for treatment implications using objective measurements such as eye-tracking and EEG. Our goal is to detect the sensitivity of behavioral measurements (i.e., standardized tests used in the field) using objective measurements.

Research Projects

If you would like to know about participation in any of the following research projects, please contact our research personnel.

  • Project 1: Semantic versus Orthographic Preference in Aphasia using Eye-Tracking
    Contact: Ashley Nordone
  • Project 2: Lexical access in early and moderate stages of dementia
    Contact: Brigid Maelia
  • Project 3: What does the cookie theft tell us about healthy aging?
    Contact: Susan M. DeMetropolis


Aniruddha K. Deshpande
Susan M. DeMetropolis, PhD, CCC-SLP
Director, Neurocognition of Speech Lab
Phone: 516-463-5510
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Current Lab Members
Lab Alumni
  • Brigid Maelia
    Brigid Maelia
  • Ashley Nordone
    Ashley Nordone
  • Michaela Aymong
    Michaela Aymong