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Hofstra University Honors College

Honors Options

  • What is an Honors Option?

    Honors Options enable HUHC students to undertake enriched academic experiences in regular Hofstra courses that are supplemented with additional assignments and meetings (approximately 6-8) with faculty outside of class.  Each semester more than 400 HUHC students pursue honors options in regular courses scattered across all of Hofstra’s schools and in virtually all departments.

  • Why Honors Options?

    Honors options allow you to focus your honors work where passions are. Honors options locate your honors work in those courses you are most looking forward to pursuing. As a result, any regular Hofstra course that fulfills a degree requirement for your major, your minor or in an elective slot can become an opportunity for honors work.
    Honors Options are unique opportunities to turn your teachers into mentors. Honors options to build long-lasting relationships with faculty, especially (but not exclusively) within the your major area of study. With an honors option you might be gaining a mentor who will be guiding you throughout your college career and beyond.

  • How do I sign up for an Honors Option?

    It all begins when you have a conversation with a faculty member in a class you are looking forward to next semester.  Then, depending on the situation, it may involve subsequent conversations.  Ultimately, you are “signed up” when the faculty member submits the forms indicating that s/he intends to offer an honors option with you.

  • What course should I choose for my honors option?

    Pick a course that you already find exciting.  This is an opportunity to turn a good experience into a life changing one.  You’ll get to know your teacher better, and you’ll have an opportunity to explore a topic you love in depth.  They are especially recommended for courses in your major.  That way you get to know your department’s faculty quicker and are in a better position when it comes time to select someone to supervise your senior honors thesis, if you choose to do one.

  • What are the different kinds of honors options are there?
  • When should I begin this process?  What are the deadlines?

    NEW INHO: Students who are aiming to initiate a new Individually Negotiated Honors Option for Fall should speak with their faculty member before April 15.  That gives the faculty time to submit their proposals before the June 15th deadline. 

    PHO/re-activated INHO’s: Students should talk with their instructors as early as possible, though these may be initiated as late as the first week of the semester.

  • What forms must I submit?

    None!  The faculty submit all forms directly to HUHC via the Honors Option Electronic Information Center.  Your task, after a faculty member agrees to offer an honors option is to check in periodically with the instructor or us to make certain plans are proceeding.

  • Where can I find more information about Honors Options?

    Go to the Honors Option Electronic Information Center at:

  • How do I initiate an Honors Option?

    Typically, a student approaches a faculty member in the semester before a course is offered. Together they work out a semester-long plan for enriching the classroom experience. This plan is reviewed and approved by the HUHC Dean’s Office.  In some instances a student may approach a faculty member about an honors option in a course that has had an honors options approved within the previous 2 years. If the faculty member and student plan to follow the same or similar plan of study, there is no need to resubmit a proposal.

  • Timing and Deadlines

    When proposing a brand new Honors Option it is essential to begin the process early so that the instructor and the HUHC Dean’s Office have time to talk through any questions that may come up in the review process. In all cases the HUHC Dean’s Office ultimate objective is to work with the faculty member to ensure that students are able to pursue the proposed enriched course of study.

    Ideally, faculty submit proposals for new Honors Options around the end of the mid-semester registration period, November 15th in the Fall and June 15th in the spring. These deadlines do not apply to students pursuing reactivated Honors Options. Reactivations may take place as late as the first week of the semester.
    We encourage students to speak to their professor(s) before the deadline. If an instructor needs time, the Dean’s Office can be flexible. We also sometimes help students make arrangements to join other students in an already approved honors option right up until the first week of the semester.