Physician Assistant Studies

Freshman Physician Assistant Studies Applicants

  • Entry and Progression Requirements

    Entry Requirements: The following requirements must be met to be eligible for the dual-degree direct entry program:

    • Enter Hofstra University as a first-year student with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 in high school academic work;
    • SAT score of 1300 (evidence-based reading and writing + math sections) or an ACT score of 27;

    Please note: Advanced Placement (AP) credits cannot be applied to direct entry courses that begin with BIO, CHEM, or MATH

    Progression Requirements: Students admitted directly to the dual-degree program as incoming freshman students will be admitted automatically to the professional phase of the program beginning the fall semester of his/her senior year, provided they fulfill the following requirements:

    • Complete a successful interview during the junior year;
    • Successful completion of a background check without any convictions during the junior year;
    • Attend Hofstra University for all undergraduate course work;
    • Maintain a minimum semester grade point average of 3.3 for each of the six semesters prior to beginning the PA program curriculum;
    • Achieve a minimum cumulative overall and science grade point average of 3.3 at the end of the spring semester of the junior year;
    • Obtain a letter recommending admission to the graduate phase of the program from a faculty member from one of the PHA classes at the end of the spring semester of the student's junior year;
    • Follow the prescribed pre-professional curriculum and remain in the Dual-Degree Physician Assistant Program;
    • Submit a $1500 deposit (applied to tuition once enrolled) to reserve a seat in the graduate phase
    • Complete three-years in residence before entering the professional phase of the program;
    • Meet with a pre-professional science adviser (and the PA program adviser, if appropriate) at least once each semester;
    • Document 50 hours of health care experience.

    Students who do not meet every condition for the first-year direct entry option may apply to the program via the CASPA process as a post-baccalaureate candidate.

  • Application

    First-Year students must apply by completing Hofstra's First-Year Student Application for Undergraduate Admission or the Common Application . Qualified applicants will receive a supplemental application that must be completed to be further considered.

    The supplemental application suggested deadline is February 15, 2020.

  • Curriculum

    For first-year students (Freshman), please visit the Undergraduate Hofstra Bulletin for the most up-to-date curriculum information.