Computer Science Facilities

An ongoing $12 million facilities renovation began in 2012, the inaugural year of SEAS. Laboratories and classrooms received new technologies, machinery, and equipment, all of which are accessible to trained undergraduate engineering and computer science students. Hofstra is now home to a wide range of tools that enhance our students' education. As entrepreneurship is an integral focus of the program, technologies such the 3-D printer laboratory allows students to create prototypes and experiment with projects at early stages in their careers. Below are some technologies we are proud to feature in our Computer Science laboratories. Visit for information on engineering facilities.

  • Big Data Lab
    360° View
    • 21 x Big Data Servers (420TB combined servers storage, 20TB per big data server)
    • 20 x Linux Workstations
    • 10 x 10TB NAS storage (100TB combined)
    • 5 x routers/switch
    • 2 x 60TB of High Performance NAS storage
    • 60KW UPS

    More About the Big Data Lab

  • Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems and Mobile Computing Lab

    This lab is used for Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Assembly language, Mobile Application development classes and Robotics. The lab is equipped with:

    • 20 Macs
    • 2 Calliope autonomous robots with camera and robotic arm
    • IPads and Samsung tablets
    • EasyAVR and BigAVR Microprocessor boards
    • Easy 8501 development boards
    • Rasberry PI boards
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Signal generator equipment
    • Electronic measuring device
    • Protoboards
  • Cybersecurity Lab

    The Cybersecurity Innovation and Research Center provides a ‘war room’ environment with a cyber range and virtual environment where students can engage in cyber attack scenarios. The lab is equipped with:

    • 36 x workstations
    • 5 x wall-mount LCD displays
    • IoT devices, including VR headsets and Smart Speakers
    • 11 x servers
    • 17 x routers/switches
    • 2 x 200TB of High Performance NAS storage
    • 5KW UPS

    More About the Cybersecurity Center

  • Gaming and Graphics Lab:
    • 16 graphics machine with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, Unity game developing software.
  • Linux and Computer Graphics Lab

    This lab is used for introductory Programming courses as well as for advanced classes such as Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Programming Languages and Graphics. The lab is equipped with:

    • 30 machines with Linux operating systems and associated software development tools for Java, Python, C++
  • Research and Innovation Lab funded by cost-share for NSF-CPATH-0829641 grant (Simona Doboli, PI; Gerda Kamberova, co-PI; and Xiang Fu, co-PI)
    • 1 server
    • Linux/Windows machines for use by students working on entrepreneurial or research projects
  • Systems, Networking and Security Lab

    This lab is used for advanced classes such as: Web Application Development, Network Security, Secure Systems, Database Systems, Networking. The lab is equipped with:

    • 21 Windows machines with specialized application software such as Microsoft MSDNA development software, Matlab
Computer Science: Facilities