Center for STEM Research


ITEEA Conference (2011):

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ITEEA Conference (2010):  

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ITEEA Conference (2009):

     1. Burghardt, M. D. &Hacker, M.,  (2009). Cutting-Edge Research: Math Infusion into Eng/Tech. Ed
            ITEA Conference

ITEEA Conference (2008)

     1. Burghardt, M. D.&Hacker, M., (2008). Realities and Starting Points for Professional Development. ITEA
Salt Lake City, UTAH         

STEM Symposium (2009):

     1. Burghardt, M.D. &Hacker, M. (2009). Perspectives on K-12 Engineering. MSTP STEM
            Symposium. Singer Island, Florida  

       2. Hecht, D., Flugman, B. & Russo, M. (2009) Infusing Mathematics into Science, Technology,and
         Engineering Classes: Lessons earned from Middle School Teachers and Students. MSTP 
         STEM Symposium,
Singer Island, Florida 

ASEE (2008):             

  1. Burghardt, M.D., (2008).  Development of a Math Infusion Model for Middle School Engineering/Technology Education, ASEE

ASEE (2006):

      1.  Burghardt, M.D., (2006).  Engineering Effective Middle School Teacher Professional Development.
2.  Burghardt, M.D. & Knowles, C.,  (2006).  Enhancing Mathematics Instruction with Engineering Design.

8th Grade Science in Savannah Symposium:

  1. La Fata, Almendral, C. & Russo, M. .Infusing Mathematics into Science & Technology at the Middle School Level.   8th Grade Science in Savannah Symposium

AERA 2009 Annual Meeting:

      2.  Russo, M. , Hecht, D. ,& Burghardt, M. D. (2009).  Development of a Multidisciplinary Middle School Math  
Infusion Model.  Paper Presentation at the American Educational Research Association

Frontiers in Education:

       1. Burghardt, M. D.& Hacker, M. (2008). WiP-Math Infusion in a Middle School Engineering/Technology Education
            FiF Annual Conference Presentation

      2. Atkins, L. &Burghardt, M. D. (2006).Work in Progress-Improving K-12 Mathematics Understanding with
Engineering Design Projects  ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference.