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School of Engineering and Applied Science

Center for Innovation

More about the Center – Motivation and Description

Partner with Us to Innovate!

Hofstra Center for Innovation

Benefits of the Center for Innovation

  • All intellectual property belongs to sponsor
  • Work performed by experts from Hofstra and outside engineers and scientists
  • Companies are given a competitive advantage through modeling
  • Project time frame is 3-6 months

All parties benefit from this Center of Innovation: faculty have the opportunity to work on practical technical problems of immediate interest to the business community. Students gain real-work experience and exposure to industry issues. Companies partner with professionals who bring a fresh perspective to issues and projects that are too big for an in-house solution. If no Hofstra faculty members have the specific expertise needed for a particular project, the Center will employ consultants who are qualified to see the project through to completion. "This ensures that the team assembled to solve a problem will be the best available, made up of experienced professors, engineers, designers and scientists," says Dr. Kevin Craig, the director of the Center of Innovation and one of its creators.

For more information email Professor Kevin Craig or call 516-463-6020.

Hofstra Center for Innovation