Independent Study Procedures

  • The student, usually a senior with a GPA that suggests he or she can do independent research, approaches the faculty member with an idea for a topic to study. The topic should be one that is not already offered as a course. (We do make exceptions if it’s the student’s last semester and the student still needs a required course that is not being offered in that semester.)
  • If the faculty member wants to do the independent study, he or she meets with the student to focus the idea.
  • The student writes a one-page proposal for the independent study that includes: the topic to be studied, the sources that will be used, and the work that will be produced as a result. This could be anything from a traditional research paper, to PR campaign, to a multimedia journalism project.
  • If the student’s proposal meets the faculty member’s approval, the student fills out an Independent Study Approval Form, obtains the faculty member’s signature, and turns it in to MaryRose Sinacori.
  • After the chair approves the independent study, MaryRose creates a 1-, 2-, or 3-credit section of JRNL/PR/MASS 150 or JRNL/PR/MASS 151 for the professor. Once this section appears online, MaryRose lets the professor know that he or she can now sign the student into the class.
  • The professor meets with the student at least once every two weeks to discuss the student’s progress and next steps.
  • Upon completion of the independent study, the student is graded on the normal A through F scale.