Liberty Partnership Program

About the Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP)

The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) is a New York State Education Department grant designed to foster student growth and academic success. Enrichment services are provided as early as grade 6, through high school graduation and transition to college and/or the workforce.  

Hofstra University and partner schools offer a coordination of enrichment services on campus and at school sites. Partner schools provide counseling, mentoring, tutoring, goal-setting, college tours, career exploration, service learning and more, while Hofstra University offers academic support through the Saturday Scholars Academy, career exploration through the Summer Scholars Academy and mentoring through the Transition to High School Program. Active participants also have the opportunity to attend the annual New York State  Education Department Empire Leadership Summit.

More than 350 students participate in LPP at Hofstra.  Senior program participants tend to graduate at a very high rate and many apply to colleges and universities. 

Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend workshops, events and join Parent Involvement in Education (PIE), a parent committee that helps facilitate student success.

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