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5 Year Dual Degree in Physical Education and Health Education

Why Major in Health and Physical Education?

  • Graduates of this program have made themselves instantly more marketable because of his or her potential versatility in a school environment. School districts prefer to hire teachers with dual certification in Health and Physical Education.
  • The Hofstra program leads to New York State teaching certification in two closely linked and vitally important subject areas: health and physical education.  For those who love to be active and are committed to healthy living, this program of study provides opportunities for a rewarding career helping others develop active and healthy lifestyles.  No other content specific area taught in schools today has the potential to so strongly influence students’ physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.
  • With the obesity epidemic and increased incidence of chronic  and other lifestyle diseases in this country, the need for trained professionals who can educate and motivate others to incorporate movement, fitness, nutrition and other healthy personal life skills into their daily lives has become critically important to our nation’s health.
  • Do you love sports and being active? Do you believe a healthy life style is important? Do you like working with others and helping them succeed? If so, this may be a good career for you!