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5 Year Dual Degree in Physical Education and Health Education

Dual Degrees: B.S. & M.S. and Dual Certification: Health and Physical Education in five years

Program Director: Nancy Halliday, PhD

Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I remember; Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

What Is The Dual Program?

  • The dual degree program in Health and Physical Education is a 155-credit program that leads to a Bachelors and Masters degree and New York State Certification to teach both PK – 12 Health and Physical Education. Dual certification in health and physical education  is the preferred credential for many school districts looking to hire either health or physical education teachers. The Hofstra program provides a variety of field experiences.
  • This dual-degree program is designed to prepare preservice health and physical education teachers to be scholarly, highly skilled, reflective practitioners able to meet the needs of students with a diversity of needs, experiences, cultural backgrounds, disabilities, and special abilities in all grades. The program focuses attention on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that enable the preservice teacher to develop and implement effective, innovative health and physical education programs that meet the New York State Learning Standards in schools. Successful completion of all B.S. in Physical Education & Health and M.S. in Health & Physical Education program requirements will lead to the University’s recommendation for Initial Certification in both health and physical education.
  • This five-year program includes 125 undergraduate and 30 graduate credits in courses that includes health and physical education content courses as well as methods courses that prepare students to develop creative, innovative, culturally sensitive, and developmentally appropriate lesson and unit plans for teaching health and physical education. The program also includes course work that provides a rich foundation of knowledge in human anatomy, physiology, and the movement sciences,health content, and personal life skills, as well as broad based exposure to the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Hofstra students gain experience through a variety of field experiences built into the program curriculum.  Students are assigned to a school as a part of their methodology courses and work directly with teachers in the field to gain hands-on experience.  Students will have a variety of school-based experiences on their resume when they graduate from the Hofstra program.
  • Hofstra has a full service career center to help our graduates! The Hofstra health and kinesiology faculty are committed to experiential learning. Our program provides our pre-service teachers with many opportunities to work with students of all ages as they progress through the program in a variety of different school settings.
  • Hofstra graduates are known for their strong knowledge of content, competence in designing, assessing, and evaluating instructional programs, and their effective teaching skills for meeting the needs of a broad spectrum of culturally diverse learners.