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Tk20 Assessment Program: Students

Completing an Application in Tk20

Logging into TK20:

  1. Go to the Hofstra portal at https://my.hofstra.edu and log in.
  2. Click on the icon for my apps
  3. Click on the icon for TK20.

I. Filling out, or “Creating” the Application

  • Go to your Artifacts tab.
  • Click on Application Forms in the side menu.
  • Click Create.
  • Select the appropriate application name from the drop-down menu.  If you do NOT see the name of the application you were told to complete, this could mean that you are attempting to complete it AFTER its due date has passed.  Contact your school's Tk20 Unit Administrator if you have problems with this step.
  • Fill out the application as directed.  Any fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in before the system will let you save.  “Title” can be anything that will help you identify this once it is saved in your account, such as “My Field Experience Application.”
  • If you need to attach any documents to the application, click the sub-tab at the top of the application labeled “Documents,” then click the “add new” button.  You will then be able to upload any documents saved on your computer by clicking Browse, and then Upload.

II. Submitting the Application, or Cancelling

  • You can click Save (at the bottom of the application) at any time to submit the application.  If you need to come back to it in order to add more information, you may do so as long as it's before the due date.  After the due date, the application you have submitted will be locked, meaning you cannot edit it further.
  • If you do not wish to submit the application, and you don't want what you've completed to be saved, click Cancel at the bottom of the application.

III.  Adding Additional Information to an Already-Submitted Application

  •  You may only do this if it is not past the application's due date.
  • Click on the Artifacts tab.
  • Click on Application Forms in the side menu.  You will then see a list of all application forms you have created in the middle of your screen.  If an application has a picture of a lock by it, it is past the due date and it cannot be edited.
  • Select the name of the application you wish to edit.
  • When finished editing, click Save.  The application is now re-submitted.
  • You may continue to edit the application as long as it is not locked (which happens after the due date).

IV.  Requesting Feedback on Your Application

  • If you’ve been told you must request feedback on your application, first be sure you have saved the application.
  • Next, go back into the application by clicking on its title in the main area of your Artifacts screen.
  • Click on the “request feedback” button in the top right-hand corner of the application.
  • Enter a title for your feedback request, and type any message you would like the person giving feedback to see.
  • Next to the field that says “Send Request To,” enter the name of the person from which you are requesting feedback (you can enter a partial name if you wish).
  • Click “check names” and then select the check box next to the appropriate person.  Then click Select.
  • Lastly, choose the correct Evaluation Tool for the person to fill out.  This is simply the form on which they will enter their feedback.
  • Click Submit when you are finished.  You will be able to see the feedback request in the Feedback sub-tab of your Application.  If you click Cancel your request will be cancelled and not saved.

V.  Help Resources

  1. Online tutorials are available at www.hofstra.edu/Tk20
  2. You may also contact your campus Tk20 Unit Administrators for assistance.

For course-based assessment issues:
Dr. Karin Spencer, Senior Associate Dean

For student teaching issues:
John R. Lewis, Associate Dean for Field Placement and External Relations

For general questions about all areas:
John Adomavicius, Assessment Systems Coordinator

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