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Special Education Financial Aid

Students have the responsibility to plan ahead, anticipate all costs, budget all resources, and request aid for the entire academic period. Anticipated costs include not only tuition and fees but a reasonable cost estimate for books and supplies, transportation, room and board where applicable, and personal expenses.

Hofstra makes financial support available to many students in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and employment. Eligibility for scholarships depends on the student's achievement and potential.

Fellowships and scholarships towards tuition are awarded to qualified full-time and part-time graduate students based on academic excellence and/or demonstrated need. These fellowships and scholarships are normally applied toward tuition only and do not apply to such costs as University fees, living expenses, tutorials, credit by exam or specifies off-campus programs.

In addition, Financial Support is also available through State and Federal Agencies. Such support may depend on the financial need of the student. All scholarships, assistantships and grants, on a graduate level, are handled within a students' respective department. The graduate student should contact their particular department for information.

Although there are many options for seeking out resources for scholarship and aid, you can find out more about Hofstra University’s financial aid process by visiting the following links: