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Math Education Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a degree in math?
Students are advised to take courses in preparation for the program. Students may also consult with program director prior to applying for acceptance into programs.

How long does it take to complete each program?
Undergraduate majors typically take four years; graduate programs can be completed in as little as one calendar year, including summer sessions.

How do students network to find employment post graduation?
Many students have found employment through student teaching opportunities. Additionally, a focus in placed on obtaining pertinent skills (i.e. interviewing, resume building, networking, etc.) during class work.

Is there a deadline for admission?
Graduate applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Applicants are encouraged to apply early for scholarship opportunities and flexible course registration.

Are there scholarships available?
Departmental scholarships are available on a competitive basis.  All graduate applications are reviewed for these awards, and as previously mentioned, applicants are encouraged to apply early for such opportunities.

Loan forgiveness programs are available on the undergraduate and graduate levels:

Learn about School of Education scholarships.