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Learn More About the Full-Time Co-op MBA Program

Co-op MBA day students will, as a cohort, complete a two-year program with a rigorous core curriculum and advanced specialized work in a professional field. The program requires a 38-45 credit course of study in the fundamental areas of accounting, finance, information technology, marketing, international business, operations, communications and leadership skills, global decision making, economics, and the legal environment. The program also includes a 15-credit concentration and a capstone course that involves solving complex business problems, integrating knowledge and skills from various functional areas.

Program Requirements

Component I: Residency Workshops (no credit)
MBA 202W Information Technology*
MBA 203W Calculus for Business Applications*
MBA 204W Statistics for Business Applications*
MBA 205W Teamwork and Oral Communication Skills
MBA 206W Mastering the Art of Presentation Skills

Students at Terminal

Component II: Core Competencies (6 s.h.)
ECO 200 - Survey of Economics*
LEGL 200 - Legal, Political, Regulatory and Ethical Environment of Business*
MGT 200 - Business Ethics and Society

*May be satisfied through equivalent previous academic work, taken within the past five years, in which the student received a B+ or better in each course where a waiver is sought.

Component III: Advanced Core (24 s.h.)**
ACCT 203 - Accounting and Financial Reporting
FIN 203 - Managerial Finance
IB 207 - Global Business Decision Making
IT 203 - Information Systems for Managers
MGT 203 - Operations Management
MGT 207 - Contemporary Organizations: Theory, Behavior, and Leadership Skills
MKT 203 - Marketing Analysis and Management
QM 203 - Advanced Quantitative Analysis for Managers

**One course may be waived through previous academic work, taken within the past five years, in which the student received a B+ or better. To be eligible for a waiver/substitution, a student must have earned a minimum of 18 credits with a B+ average or above in a specific discipline.

Component IV: Major Concentration (15 s.h.)
Concentrations are offered in

CO-OP Program provides students with the opportunity to work full-time in a paid position within their field of study while obtaining their degree. Both domestic and international students are eligible.

Component V: Capstone Integrative Course (3 s.h.)
MBA 350 - Integrative Capstone Course

Students will also have access to personalized career services through our Graduate Business Career Relations office.