Community Engagement

Capital One Entrepreneurship Challenge
at Hofstra University

The Capital One Entrepreneurship Challenge at Hofstra University is a joint initiative led by the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Capital One Bank and Uniondale High School. Through the year-long program, Capital One Bank small business experts serves as mentors to the Zarb School of Business student entrepreneurs, advising them on how to effectively build out their business plans and grow their businesses. The Zarb students, in turn, serve as mentors to aspiring student entrepreneurs in Uniondale High School's chapter of the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA).

At the end of each academic year, the Zarb student teams present their business ventures to their peers, and a team of judges consisting of representatives from Capital One Bank and Zarb School of Business faculty members. The student groups "annual report" and factors such as profitability, the number of people impacted and the nature of the venture are evaluated to determine a winner.

The program combines hands-on business training with a lecture series that provides an understanding of the importance of entrepreneurs in the community, and how small business men and women are the foundation of the local economies.


"As a local bank, we are committed to investing in Long Island and helping out community to grow and thrive. This unique partnership gives us the opportunity to promote entrepreneurship at both the high school and college levels, which will make a difference to our youth, the families that reside here, and the communities across Long Island that are so important to our future."

  • Former Market President, Nassau County, Capital One Andrew Corrado

"My experience with Capital One Entrepreneurship Challenge provided me with an excellent foundation from which to launch and nurture Case-Clothed. Any student who has the opportunity to take part in this program will walk away with a leg up as a business person. Even now, as we focus on continuing to expand our business nationally, I am able to tap into my Capita One Bank mentor's expertise – a tool that has been helpful as we navigate new business challenges"

  • Founder and CEO of Case Clothed Christopher Cerney
Entrepreneurship Challenge Capital One Bank

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Program Coordinators

Richard Hayes
Associate Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship
Frank G. Zarb School of Business
Hofstra University
(516) 463-5727