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  • Zarb Student Success Stories:
    Brendan Rorke
    Major/Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    I came to the Zarb School because of how positive its reputation was. I had heard so much about the endless opportunities it was going to offer me.Being from Long Island...

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    Brendan Rorke
  • Zarb Student Success Stories:
    Antoniette Bonavita
    Employer: Goldman Sachs

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    The faculty at the Zarb School of Business attracted me to the school. The finance professors have work experience in diverse fields and were able to bring their knowledge to the classrooms and share it with the students. It is a pleasure to...

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    Antoniette Bonavita
  • Zarb Student Success Stories:
    Andrew Marks
    Employer: Wells Fargo

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    After visiting Hofstra, I found out that there was an excellent student-faculty ratio, especially in the Zarb School of Business. I also knew that the business school had an outstanding alumni network in many Fortune 500 companies...

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    Andrew Marks
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Maurice Tompkins
    Employer: Target

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    My choice of the Zarb school was fueled by practicality. I studied in Ohio for my undergraduate degree, and was looking to stick closer to home for an advanced degree. Hofstra had the best program on Long Island.

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    Maurice Tompkins
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Christine Allen
    Employer: Macrum LLP

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    I came to the Zarb School because I knew its reputation was excellent, and its network was strong and diverse. After making a career change from education to accounting, I knew...

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    Christine Allen
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Samantha Weiss
    Employer: Leviton Manufacturing Company

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    I came to the Zarb School of business because it had a great reputation. My father is a Hofstra alumni and it was close to home.

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    Samantha Weiss
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Ruben Portelli
    Employer: GC Consulting

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    I chose Zarb based on my research. It is one of the best business schools in the New York-Long Island area. I also knew about Hofstra from the NCAA basketball tournament.

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    Ruben Portelli
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Mengxue Yuan
    Employer: Publishers Clearing House

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    First, Zarb School has a good location. It is near the most energetic city, New York City, and it is also on very beautiful and peaceful Long Island. You can go to NYC to find amazing opportunities, but you can also have a quiet life on Long Island...

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    Mengxue Yuan
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: George Li
    Employer: Viacom

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    The main reason I came to Zarb is the location. Being so close to New York City, you can find unlimited opportunities and meet people from all over the world.

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    George Li
  • Zarb Student Success Stories:
    Ana Luiza Loures Pinto
    Major/Degree: MBA Business Analytics

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    As an undergraduate student, I did a study abroad at Hofstra for a year and loved...

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    Ana Pinto
  • Zarb Student Success Stories:
    Venessa Ashley Trofa
    Major/Degree: Major: Marketing, Minors: Spanish and Global Studies

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    I originally entered Hofstra University completely undecided about my major...

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    Venessa Ashley Trofa
  • Zarb Student Success Stories:
    Yuexin Zhang
    Employer: FASB

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    Hofstra has a great reputation and a good geographic location. It is located on the Long Island, which is peaceful and beautiful. On the other hand, Hofstra is close to New York City, so I could benefit from career opportunities in Manhattan...

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    Yuexin Zhang
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Mingzhu Liu
    Employer: Ernst and Young

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    I always wanted to come to the United States and experience its diverse and rich culture. I was impressed with the Zarb School's reputation in the local area, strong relationship with local CPA firms, its proximity to New York City, and the vast opportunities offered to students...

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    Mingzhu Liu
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Kunal Swani
    Employer: Assistant Professor of Marketing at Wright State University

    My MBA from Hofstra University was a foundational stone to my successful career path. I am an assistant professor of marketing at Wright State University and I owe this career success to the marketing faculty at Hofstra for their help, support and guidance...

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    Kunal Swani
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Miansen Wang
    Employer: KPMG

    Why did you decide to come to the Zarb School?

    The Zarb School of Business is located very close to New York City. I had access to additional job opportunities and other experiential learning experiences...

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    Miansen Wang
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Carrie Zhang
    Employer: 4A advertising agency TBWA\Hakuhodo

    Hello everyone,

    I hope everything is well with everyone back at Zarb. I am doing very well myself. I am back in China now. I got my first job working as a junior planner for a 4A advertising agency TBWA\Hakuhodo...

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    Carrie Zhang
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Sonam Bhambri
    Founder: UPTOWN Galeria

    Hello All,

    It has been long since I last updated you about my professional life. I recently launched an online retail store, UPTOWN Galeria (, that markets and sells women's apparel and lifestyle accessories across the globe...

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    Sonam Bhambri
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Susan Tang
    Employer: GRC & Security

    Dear Barbara,

    I have some updated news for you. I finally launched my job since graduating at FIS (Fidelity National Information Services) in NYC as an analyst in GRC & Security Team...

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    Susan Tang
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Tan Song
    Employer: The NPD Group

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    Zarb is very close to New York City where there are so many career opportunities. I knew that Zarb had a great reputation. Graduate Business Career Services really go above and beyond to help their students find internships and employment...

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    Tan Song
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Ye Tian
    Employer: Sun Taiyang Co.

    After I graduated from the Zarb business school, I got an internship at NPD Group, which is a global marketing research company...

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    Ye Tian
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Chen Chen
    Pursing PhD in Finance

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    Zarb is a reputable school. It has the erudite faculty, great facilities, and offers an excellent location that is so close to New York City. All of these factors made the Zarb School an ideal place for studying...

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    Chen Chen
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Kevin Chen
    Employer: Dow Jones

    Why did you come to the Zarb School?

    My cousin's high school classmate went to the Zarb School and got a job offer after she graduated from the school. She highly recommended Zarb's marketing program to me. Zarb's close proximity to New York City was also a great selling point...

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    Kevin Chen
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Comments by Students in Money and Capital Markets

    Hofstra in NYC Course
    January 2013

    “The class gave me a better understanding of what investment banks and hedge funds do. I found differentiating between the “buy” side and the “sell” side to be extremely helpful to understand how the money and capital markets work..."

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    Hofstra in NYC
  • Zarb Student Success Stories: Chinese Graduation Book

    Take a look at what our international students from China are experiencing here at Zarb