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Frank G. Zarb School of Business
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Comments by Students in Money and Capital Markets
Hofstra in NYC Course
January 2013

  • “The class gave me a better understanding of what investment banks and hedge funds do. I found differentiating between the “buy” side and the “sell” side to be extremely helpful to understand how the money and capital markets work. Overall, I learned so much especially at Goldman and the New York Stock Exchange. I found it valuable to hear professionals in the field speak about their roles.” - Chris H.

  • “The hand-on approach of this class has been amazing. I can honestly say that I feel much more prepared for entering the financial world than any other class has provided. Talking with the different employees in various fields has given me a solid understanding of the overall money and capital markets and provided me with a direction. I absolutely recommend continuing the program.” - Maria F.

  • “I did not expect to learn nearly as much as I did over the past ten days. This course has given me a better understanding of financial institutions. I loved learning about all the different positions offered in the finance field. It has really opened my eyes to the world of finance and I believe it will be a course that will help me shape my future.” - Harvey R.

  • “Thanks to this class, I have a much GREATER understanding of where the money and capital markets are heading. I consider this knowledge invaluable to my career and my future in the industry.” - Robert E.

  • “This class has improved my knowledge and understanding of the money and capital markets by both the lectures we had in class and the amazing trips we went on. Before taking this class, I didn’t really understand my major or at least what the financial world is about.” - Mindy L.

  • “The city visits were the most educational part of the course. It was like travelling to Italy to learn Italian. Going inside banks and learning from people who are currently in the financial markets was incredibly critical as an educational experience.” - Alex R.

  • “This class I think has been one of the best finance classes I have taken. I’ve learned about fixed income, equities, derivatives and risk and return. This class taught me real life skills I couldn’t have learned in another class. I loved going on the trips and meeting actual Hofstra alumni and it made me believe that if they could do it then I can do it.” - Anthony S.

  • “Honestly, this class was my favorite class of my college experience. No class has ever given me the experience that this class gave me.” - Al A.

  • “I have a much better understanding about what an investment bank, hedge fund, private equity firm, credit rating agencies and the Federal Reserve do now.” - Paul P.