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Frank G. Zarb School of Business
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Zarb Student Success Stories

Name: Ye Tian
Major/Degrees: MS in Marketing

Hometown: Hei Longjiang, China
Employer: Sun Taiyang Co.

Why did you come to the Zarb School?

The Zarb School has a good reputation in the New York area. Their curriculum meets the goals I have for my career. Zarb faculty are very accomplished in their fields of study. Additionally the Zarb School is recognized by AACSB and the tuition is affordable.

Work/ Internship Experience:

After I graduated from the Zarb business school, I got an internship at NPD Group, which is a global marketing research company. I first met this company one year ago before my graduation at a job fair on campus. We exchanged information and I left my resume with the HR manager. I got an interview opportunity right after the job fair. Then I started to work as a graduate assistant on campus, working on an Assurance of Learning (AOL) project with the Zarb School. I attended almost every alumni event and communicated regularly with the Zarb alumni network and professors. A year later, I contacted the HR manager with my updated resume. I was confident. All my experiences at the Zarb School gave me a foundation to be proud of. I later received the internship with NPD Group. My primary job was to maintain and upgrade databases. I also assisted with some ongoing projects including bug fixes, report generation, and project management. All interns were divided into groups to compete in a case competition. My team won the first place in the final presentation. After NPD's internship, I was provided with a full time job. However, the professor whom I work for when I was a graduate assistant introduced me to my current company, Sun Taiyang Co., which is one of the largest hair extension companies in North America. My primary responsibilities are marketing research and project management. The work is very dynamic and challenging. I could not be happier with the experiences, opportunities and guidance that the Zarb School has provided me. They were truly the building blocks to my current success.

Were there any faculty/administrators who assisted you in your job search?

I benefited from the expertise of the Career Center. They helped me improve my resume and networking skills. Also, having the opportunity of working directly with faculty, particularly, Dr. Keun S. Lee, associate professor of marketing and international business was a very valuable opportunity.

What advice do you have for students who want to follow in your footsteps?

Be open and be flexible. When connecting with people, show your passion and professionalism. Sincerity is super important. Always be prepared for any opportunity. You never know. There are many ways of finding a job so try them all. Utilize all resources you have, which are several at the Zarb School, and don't be shy. Every time you try, you accumulate experience and knowledge.

How did the Zarb School prepare you for your career?

I really benefitted from the comprehensive curriculum and caring faculty members. Everything I learned is valuable. All of the professors I have met at the Zarb School were very helpful. Their way of thinking and talking always inspired and continues to inspire me.

What is your favorite memory/experience at the Zarb School?

Dr. Lee is an excellent and experienced professor, from whom I learned tremendously from. He taught me how to sharpen my skills and helped shape my vision for my future. I will always be appreciative to him for this experience. Also, all professors I met were very friendly and helpful. They enjoy spending time with students, welcome any question, and are always ready to help. I really want to thank every professor I met at Zarb.

Ye Tian