Transfer Admission


Transfer Credit Policy

When should I apply?

While Hofstra's policy of "Rolling Admission" permits students to apply at any time, we recommend that you complete your application, including sending in your transcripts, by March 1st for the fall semester, and by November 15th for the spring semester. You may apply online using the Hofstra application or Common Application.

What are the admission requirements as a transfer student?

A typical transfer student has a cumulative GPA of at least 2.30 and 24 earned credits. Students with less than 24 college credits and/or students in their first semester of college need to submit a high school transcript and their college transcript(s). Also, students with less than 24 college credits and/or students in their first semester of college may choose to submit SAT or ACT scores.

What must I provide to Admission in order to make my application complete?

An admission application, college transcript(s), and the application fee are the bare essentials needed to apply to Hofstra. We encourage students to file a web application rather than a paper application. Students with less than 24 college credits and/or students in their first semester of college need to submit a high school transcript and their college transcript(s). (These transcripts may be unofficial and can be emailed to Also, students with less than 24 college credits and/or students in their first semester of college may choose to submit SAT or ACT scores.

When will I receive a decision?

We will evaluate your application for admission as soon as your file is complete with all the documents mentioned above. You should receive a decision in approximately 3-4 weeks after your file has become complete.

How will my credits transfer from my current and/or previous schools to Hofstra?

Courses with grades of C- or better may be transferred from your previous college. As long as the course is comparable to a Hofstra course and your previous institution is regionally accredited, you will receive credit. In addition, 30 credits in residence must be completed at Hofstra as well as 15 credits in your major area.

When will I receive a transfer credit evaluation for the credits from my previously attended colleges?

You will receive a preliminary credit evaluation in the mail with your acceptance letter or shortly after. Transfer credits will be indicated on a Statement of Transfer Credits form. An official credit evaluation will be mailed to you only after ALL final official transcripts are received by the Admission Office (this includes your current semester grades).

How will I know which credits will apply to my degree at Hofstra?

Transfer credits may or may not apply to your chosen major at Hofstra, especially if you are changing majors. Upon admission, you may meet with an academic advising dean to determine the applicability of your transfer credits or you may call the Transfer Center at 516-463-6700 to meet with a counselor before you are admitted.

How can I be considered for academic scholarships?

Based upon the information that you supply on your admission application, you will be automatically considered for academic scholarships. Qualified applicants may receive up to $20,500 per year.

Do you recognize Phi Theta Kappa membership?

Yes. If you are a member of PTK and have 60 college credits with a 3.5 GPA, you will be considered for one of our $2,500 PTK awards. A letter of recommendation from someone who can speak on your academic ability is required by May 1st in order to be considered for this award. Please send this letter to the address indicated below. Funding is limited, so those who submit prior to the deadline are given priority consideration. The Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship is available for students entering Hofstra University in the fall semester only.

Please send recommendation letter to:
Transfer Admission
Office of Undergraduate Admission, Bernon Hall
100 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549-1000

Do you award "need-based" financial aid?

Yes. You may fill out your FAFSA online at and make sure you indicate Hofstra's federal code: 002732. As long as your FAFSA is on file, the Financial Aid Office will package all students admitted to Hofstra. They will determine whether you are eligible for "need-based" financial aid such as student loans, parent PLUS loans, TAP, Pell, and work-study.

Can I reside on campus?

Yes. Hofstra has 37 residential facilities. Be sure to send your housing deposit by May 1st for the fall semester and by January 1st for the spring semester. Please schedule a visit by calling 516-463-6700 or going to

Is my Enrollment-Orientation deposit refundable?

These deposits are nonrefundable after May 1st for fall admission and January 1st for spring admission.

Transfer Credit Policy

Appropriate courses completed with a minimum grade of C- or the equivalent at fully accredited institutions are transferable. Grades attained at another institution are not recorded on the Hofstra record and are not included in the grade point average to meet graduation requirements. As many as 30 elective credits graded on a Pass/Fail basis from another accredited institution may be transferred to Hofstra. Students transferring to Hofstra with more than 30 credits graded on a Pass/Fail basis must have the approval of the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee. For these students, courses graded Pass/Fail shall not exceed 50% of the total credit hours required for the degree.

  1. A course deemed appropriate for transfer is one that might logically be a part of the course of study offered at Hofstra University.
  2. The semester hours of transfer credit (advanced standing) allowed a transfer will not necessarily apply to the major selected by the student and may not necessarily satisfy Hofstra graduation requirements.
  3. A maximum of 64 semester hours is transferable from a junior or community college with the following exceptions:
    1. engineering programs, 69 semester hours and
    2. business administration programs, 65 semester hours.
  4. The amount of transfer credit per course shall not exceed the amount of semester hours credit allowed at the credit-granting institution.
  5. Credits earned at institutions on quarter or term systems shall be prorated with the semester system.
  6. Credit evaluation is completed after admission and prior to registration. Hofstra has transfer credit articulation agreements with Nassau Community College and Suffolk County Community College. Details of equivalencies established under these agreements can be found here.

NOTE: Switching schools and/or majors may affect a student's graduation date if some of the transfer credits are no longer applicable to the new major.