GOLD - Graduates of the Last Decade

Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) create a promising future for Hofstra University by staying connected with their alma mater and giving back.

From the day you graduate until your 10 year undergraduate commencement anniversary, you are automatically a member of Hofstra GOLD.


Whether you are interested in networking or catching up with old friends, attending a GOLD event is a great opportunity.


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Your gift, No matter the amount, not only increases the value of your own degree but also makes a difference in the lives of current students through scholarships and program funding.

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Hofstra GOLD Committee

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Allon M. Avgi, 2018
Christina M. Brennan, 2012
Briana Cunningham, 2017
Michael A. Drame, 2018
Alexis L. Finn, 2018
William J. Finnegan, 2014
Jordan Gee, 2012
George C. Gregoriou, 2018
Calla M. Hales, 2012
Roberto E. Hernandez, 2017
Sarah A. Holzberg, 2015 *
Morriah Johnson, 2021
Jasmine Kaur, 2015
Krishna N. Khadar, 2012
Adrienne R. Kravitz, 2014, 2016
Max Kutsch, 2019
Christian H. Ladigoski, 2016 *
Michelle F. Lamendola, 2011
Sharlys Leszczuk, 2016
Megan E. Markle, 2014
Jordyn D. Mayerhofer, 2016
Sarah A. McGough, 2016
Jessica L. Molinari, 2014
Tatiana Montes, 2019
Engelbert F. Morales, 2014
Katherine D. Navarino, 2015

Richard Nieves, 2014
Daylen E. Orlick, 2017
Victor Parbat, 2016
Meghav N. Parikh, 2012
Robert S. Paul, 2018
Jake L. Pellegrino, 2017
Carol L. Pollock, 2017
Anthony Pugliese, 2021
Jordan L. Richmond, 2016
Claudia L. Rodriguez, 2013
Brittany M. Romain, 2014
Sharmari E. Romney, 2016
Brittany M. Scalise, 2014
Neil C. Schloth, 2014
Mitchell C. Shenk, 2017
Connie Tais, 2020
Nicole E. Teitler, 2011
Alex L. Thomas, 2020
Venessa A. Trofa, 2016
Maria Urena, 2014
Benjamin Vimont, 2018
Li Wang, 2013
Daniel B. Williams, 2018
Maya S. Williams, 2017
Matthew D. Wooden, 2011

*GOLD Committee Co-Chairs