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The Fund for Hofstra University

Give to Hofstra

The Fund for Hofstra University is a vital source of unrestricted funds that helps the University attract the best and brightest students through scholarships and financial aid, expand academic offerings, recruit and support accomplished faculty, and enhance classrooms and other campus facilities with the latest technologies.

A robust fund helps lessen Hofstra's dependence on tuition, while keeping education affordable. The success of The Fund depends on the generosity of Hofstra alumni, friends and parents who want to ensure that generations of students receive an education that allows them to become leaders in their fields.

For more information about The Fund for Hofstra, please contact Sybil Doleyres at 516-463-6180 or Sybil Doleyres[at]hofstra.edu

One of our highest priorities is to secure the necessary funds for faculty support and student scholarships. Your investment will enable Hofstra to attract and retain the most talented young scholars in the nation. At Hofstra, we value the commitment our donors make to the University and their participation in transforming the lives of deserving students.

Giving opportunities include:

  • Annual Scholarships
  • Endowed Scholarships
  • Endowed Lectureships
  • Endowed Visiting Chairs
  • Endowed Distinguished Professorships
  • Endowed Academic Chairs

Your investment in our scholarship program will help make Hofstra more affordable for the best and brightest students who need financial assistance or whose academic achievements deserve recognition. Your investment in faculty support will enrich the academic life of our campus, and recognize teachers who share a commitment to the education and development of our students.

For more information about establishing a scholarship at Hofstra, please contact Krista R. Stella at 516-463-6561 or Krista.R.Stella[at]hofstra.edu.

Scholarships and Endowments

Gifts to The Parent Fund make it possible for Hofstra University to provide financial support to our students. When a university has a strong financial foundation, it can offer a wealth of opportunities for students. The Parent Fund plays a key role in providing a superior college experience that allows students to discover their strengths and find their purpose.

The Parent Fund is a vital source of unrestricted funds that helps the University attract the best and brightest students through scholarships and financial aid, expand academic offerings, recruit and support accomplished faculty, and enhance classrooms and other campus facilities. When parents give to The Parent Fund, they enhance the Hofstra experience for their students and all Hofstra undergraduates.

For more information of how you can become involved with the Hofstra Parent Fund, please contact Don Rudolph at 516-463-5542 or Don.Rudolph[at]hofstra.edu.

Parent Fund
Call With Pride Pledge Fulfillment

The Call With Pride program is designed to raise annual funds for the University while offering students an opportunity to learn and gain new skills in the areas of development, marketing, public relations, business management and communication.

Call With Pride supports all the Hofstra schools, student organizations and associations, and faculty, as well as technological upgrades and campus beautification efforts. The number of donors and the amount of funds raised strongly influence Hofstra's national ranking and profile.

Call with Pride

Call With Pride is the University's student fundraising enterprise. They call more than 50,000 alumni annually, and raise significant resources for the University. Make a gift that matchs the efforts of our Call With Pride student fundraisers and the generosity of our supporters at the same time. Match a Call With Pride shift, week, month, or even semester.

Who We Need

  • Donors, alumni, friends, foundations, businesses and leaders who are looking for innovative ways to increase their giving and to encourage others to give.
  • Supporters who understand the need for annual gifts and increased participation rates.
  • Supporters who will be inspired by our student fundraising efforts.
  • Supporters who can encourage friends and colleagues to follow their lead.

If you are interested in the Match With Pride program, please contact Victoria Greco at 516-463-7490 or Victoria.M.Greco[at]hofstra.edu.

Match with Pride
Order Your Brick Online Now
Walk of Pride Order Form

The Office for Development and Alumni Affairs offers alumni, supporters and friends the opportunity to honor students, staff and loved ones through a special tradition – the Hofstra Walk of Pride.

Every year, thousands of Hofstra alumni, students and friends visit James M. Shuart Stadium and the adjacent Libby and Joseph G. Shapiro Alumni House. A distinctive feature of the Stadium Plaza is the Hofstra Walk of Pride, which is composed of bricks engraved with the names of students, alumni and friends. By purchasing a brick in the Hofstra Walk of Pride, individuals leave an enduring symbol of their support of Hofstra University. Learn more about the Walk of Pride.

Walk of Pride