American Studies

American Studies at Hofstra University is an interdisciplinary program for undergraduates looking forward to graduate work and careers in public service, law, higher education and other fields associated with the social sciences and humanities.

The American Studies program is intensive and extensive; intensive because America is the focus of the program, and extensive because students become proficient in many academic disciplines. Courses in English, history, philosophy and political science are all integral to the program. Electives are available in economics, education, geography, mass media, music, sociology and Spanish.

Because of its wide-ranging areas of interest, American Studies is a program that can be easily adapted (with proper advisement) to the needs, abilities, preferences and career prospects of the individual student.

Programs and Courses

Minor in American Studies

Course Information

Career Potential

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Studies, students can enter graduate programs in the field or in a variety of related disciplines. Those who intend to enter such fields as law, business, communications, government, and education will find that the skills developed and the body of knowledge mastered in an American Studies Program make them attractive job candidates.

Students majoring in Elementary Education must take a liberal arts major and therefore might consider the advantages of interdisciplinary American Studies.

Students who take a minor in American Studies will find that the demonstrated ability to develop knowledge and comprehension beyond one narrow field of study will prove attractive to professional schools and employers.

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