About Us

Why Anthropology?

The more you learn about this academic discipline, the more likely you are to ask, "Why not?" Most students have little or no exposure to anthropology before coming to college, except for the occasional National Geographic special. If there is one last refuge of the Renaissance notion of a field covering everything, that place is anthropology. We study human culture wherever it is to be found, how we evolved from earlier primates, and the current social and environmental problems facing the global community.

Mission Statement

Anthropology is a discipline that studies what it means to be human from every angle. Cultural anthropologists study people in all parts of the world by going to where they live and speaking the local language. Linguists examine the similarities and differences of the several thousand languages currently spoken.

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Our Vision for Anthropology at Hofstra

As members of a discipline that studies what it means to be human from every angle, we are pleased to play an active role at Hofstra not just in our major but also through our cross-cutting ties to other disciplines and campus-wide programs.

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Goals and Learning Objectives

Read the goals and learning objectives for the Department of Anthropology.