Zarb School of Business

Hybrid NYC MBA

The New York City MBA is no longer accepting applications. For those looking to advance your career, we encourage you to consider the Online MBA or contact us at or 516-463-4143 for additional information.

The Frank G. Zarb School of Business is now offering an accelerated hybrid MBA program in the heart of the city. Located at Lenox Hill on 130 East 77th Street, this program offers ease of accessibility to working professionals in New York City wanting to obtain a Zarb MBA.

This 36 credit hybrid MBA cohort program in business analytics, marketing, strategic business management, strategic healthcare management, or finance is geared towards the working professional and can be completed in 16 months.

Applicants must have a minimum of three years of professional experience. In some cases, based on your academic and professional history, the GMAT may be waived.

For additional information, contact our graduate admission team at 516-463-4143 or via email at

NYC MBA Curriculum

The program comprises five units: Residency Requirements; Core Competencies; Advanced Core; Concentration courses; and the Capstone course.

The following workshop is offered at the Hofstra campus during orientation.

  • Mastering the Art of Business Presentations – MBA 206W

The following workshops are offered online.

  • Spreadsheet Modeling – MBA 208R
  • Statistics for Business Applications – MBA 204W (Optional)
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting – ACCT 203: 3 credits
  • Managerial Finance – FIN 203: 3 credits
  • Information Systems for Managers – IT 203: 3 credits
  • Operations Management – MGT 203: 3 credits
  • Contemporary Organizations: Behavior and Strategy – MGT 207: 3 credits
  • Marketing Analysis & Management – MKT 203: 3 credits
  • Advanced Quantitative Analysis for Managers – BAN 203: 3 credits
  • Compliance, Ethics and Sustainability – MBA 214: 3 credits

(These courses are offered online. Select three of the five courses below for your concentration.)

  • Strategic Accounting for Managers – ACCT 228: 3 credits
  • Corporate Financial Strategy – FIN 228: 3 credits
  • Management of Innovation for Sustainability – MGT 228: 3 credits
  • Advanced Strategic Planning in Marketing with a Global Perspective – MKT 275: 3 credits
  • Information Systems Risk MGT and Cybersecurity - IT 228: 3 credits

(These courses are offered online. Select three of the five courses below for your concentration.)

  • Healthcare Finance - FIN 239: 3 credits
  • Health Services Human Resources – HADM 240: 3 credits
  • Marketing of Healthcare Services – MKT 228: 3 credits
  • Law, Ethics, and Compliance in Health Care - LEGL 202: 3 credits
  • Healthcare IT and Architecture – IT 241: 3 credits

For more information on courses in these concentrations, please email the Office of Graduate Business Admission and Advisement

(This course is offered on site in Manhattan.)

  • Integrative Strategic Decision Making – MBA 350: 3 credits