Campus Life

Here to Help

Hofstra offers you a valuable support system, including advising, counseling, tutoring, and more, all of whom are here to help you get the most from your education.

A Safe Environment

Community Standards

At Hofstra, we want you to belong to a community of trust and respect. Below are links to general guidelines, as well as policies of what to do if you ever feel excluded from the Hofstra community for any reason.

There For You

Student Advocacy

Hofstra provides a coordinated community approach to support students in critical areas, including access, gender equity, and other issues affecting student lives.

Student Services

Hofstra offers an assortment of services to assist students in and out of the classroom.

Academic Records

Responsible for maintaining all academic records pertaining to students.

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Campus Recreations

Offers a wide variety of sports activities, fitness programs, and recreational facilities.

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Commuting Student Services and Community Outreach

Assists the wide range of students who live off of Hofstra's campus.

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The key to ease, convenience, and opportunity.

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Information Technology Services

Leadership and expertise in the use of instructional technologies to Hofstra’s faculty and students.

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Public Safety

Responsible for the safety and security of the Hofstra community and campus.

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Residence Life

Offers a variety of residential facilities and living options for our students.

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Student Counseling Services

Provides quality mental health interventions that enhance well-being and offer students a more meaningful and successful college experience.

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Student Employment

Offers enriching employment opportunities for students.

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Student Financial Services

Everything you need to know about paying for a Hofstra University education.

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Student Health Services

Creates an environment where high quality, accessible, cost effective health care, education, and health promotion services – along with personal responsibility and positive action – lead to success.

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Reaching Your Best

Academic Support

The Best for You

Health & Wellness

We prioritize the well-being and holistic development of our students, as a healthy mind and body are the foundations for success.