The Center for Civic Engagement

Community Partnerships

  • Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition (GUAAC)
  • Long Island Black Alliance
  • Health and Welfare Council of Long Island
  • Homecoming Farms
  • Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
  • Uniondale Community Land Trust
  • Barack Obama Elementary Mentoring
  • NAACP of Long Island
  • Hempstead High School
  • Girl Scouts

Please contact us if you wish to be a community partner. We are interested in working with local community organizations that reflect CCE’s mission. If you would like your organization to be considered as a community partner with CCE, please fill out the application below. Please note that we only have resources to support a limited number of community partners, so submitting an application does not guarantee a partnership position. If you have any questions please contact Director Philip Dalton at

Community Partnership Pre-Application »

The Center for Civic Engagement supports faculty and community research partnerships that foster the pursuit of knowledge to the benefit of the local community. Community-Based Research, or CBR, is a methodology designed to include the community partner on an even playing field as the researcher from the invention of the research question to the presentation of results.

The Center for Civic Engagement supports community-based research by

  • Consulting with faculty on community-based research projects as needed. The CCE community-based research committee serves as a sounding board for everything from developing research questions to working with partners to finding outlets for publications;
  • Connecting faculty and community partners that have a need for scholarly research through its database;
  • Hosting an annual Community Connections Event that facilitates networking between Hofstra faculty and staff and local community partners;
  • Offering a network of faculty who support community-based research as a positive contribution to a tenure case;
  • Offering workshops for faculty on community-based research.

The Center for Civic Engagement supports service-learning initiatives throughout the university by connecting its community partners with faculty who are interested in offering a service-learning course or project. An ideal service-learning course or project is one where course content and products fulfill a need of a community partner. The mutually beneficial approach should engage students in a meaningful learning experience relevant to course content and should provide relevant research or product outcomes for the community partner. 

The Center for Civic Engagement supports service-learning initiatives by

  • Consulting with faculty to brainstorm ideas for service-learning courses and projects;
  • Serving as a resource for faculty who are seeking ideas for project design, implementation, and assessment;
  • Connecting faculty with community partners who have needs relevant to faculty disciplines through its database;
  • Offering workshops for faculty on service-learning.

The Center for Civic Engagement offers student internships through its community partners every year. Internships appeal to students in a variety of disciplines, including marketing, data analytics, public relations, journalism, public policy, sociology, writing studies, and history, among others. Internship sites include nonprofit organizations, grassroots civic organizations, high schools, and for-profit companies. Internships are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters as well as winter and summer sessions.

Successful candidates sign up for one to four credits of CE 110 and choose a CCE Advisory Board member as their internship director. The academic portion of the internship focuses on civic and community engagement.

Faculty and students can search for available positions through Handshake.